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Reverse-Sense TNC Connector

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Jim Weir, Jul 3, 2004.

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  1. Jim Weir

    Jim Weir Guest

    Forgive me if you've seen four identical posts like this. I have absolutely no
    idea what is wrong with my newsreader, but it seems not to like posts to these

    I need a reverse-sense TNC cable connector...where you would expect the male
    pointed pin to be there needs to be a female pin.

    Pasternack has them for $15, but they also have a $100 minimum. That's a lot of
    $15 adapters. Anybody else got another source?

    Jim Weir (A&P/IA, CFI, & other good alphabet soup)
    VP Eng RST Pres. Cyberchapter EAA Tech. Counselor
  2. Pellucid

    Pellucid Guest

    Are you sure it's not an "F" type connector?
  3. K Williams

    K Williams Guest

    The TaxYourTwoShits outlets likely have all combinations of connectors
    now. Even GR connectors should be getting popular again in MA! ;-)
  4. Jim Weir

    Jim Weir Guest

    Yeah, I did too. I grew up in a microwave lab where they were always referred
    to as "reverse-sex" devices, and reverse polarity was reserved for bassackwards
    batteries. "Reverse polarity connector" got me about a hundred hits.

    Thanks, gang...


    (Tim Shoppa)
    shared these priceless pearls of wisdom:

    ->I just did a Google for "reverse polarity TNC" and see lots of $3 to $5
    ->connectors at catalog houses like Mouser etc. These seem to be popular
    ->for WLAN for some reason.
  5. K Williams

    K Williams Guest

    I used a lot of 'em in college, but could count the ones I've seen in
    the last 30 years on one hand. They are nice connectors, electrically,
    but they're huge, and expen$ive.
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