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Reverse IDE to USB adaptor?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by _, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. _

    _ Guest

    Toying with the idea of replacing an HD with a usb stick, to reduce power
    usage, weight, heat, size, etcetera.

    There are lost of adaptors that let you plug a drive into a usb port; is
    there an adaptor that does the reverse? The board in question (Series 1
    Tivo) has no USB port, just an IDE connector.
  2. Guest

    Not for USB - a microprocessor would in practical terms be needed.

    However, you can buy an adapter to use a Compact Flash card in place
    of an IDE drive.

    Due to the CF card being able to talk this interface already, the
    adapter ss little more than physical format
    change, and some means of getting power in if you're starting from
    full size 40 pin IDE rather than the 44 pin version used for 2.5"

    You could probably make an SD/MMC card work somehow very slowly if you
    figured out how to use the IDE
    as general purpose I/O and bitbang spi mode to the card.

    CF is really your best bet.
  3. Guest

    Let me modify that: you could probably hack up some kind of IDE to ISA
    bridge and use an old ISA bus USB card, but you'd have to add drivers
    to the TIVO, modify it's IDE drivers to fake the ISA bus, etc...

    IDE to CF card should be pretty much plug and play in comparison.
  4. _

    _ Guest

    32gb USB is way cheaper than 32gb CF (or even SD). Oh well...

  5. The task you wish to perform is obviously far beyond your capacity to do

    I say this because someone that would have the skills, would also know
    the answer to your query.

    NO, there is no such device or interface.

    2.5" hard drives do not use that much power, and also do not generate
    very much heat.

  6. It is also way less reliable, and way slower.

    Both the G and the B are capitalized. If you wish to appear as
    anything else other than a non-skilled dweeb wanna be, you should at
    least get the lingo right.
  7. _

    _ Guest

    I capitalize acronym elements that derive from proper names - e.g. Hz, Ah,

    Who are Giga and Byte?
  8. _

    _ Guest

    Absent the capacity to learn, your comment might be true. I didn't know how
    a digital computer worked before I bought my first one in the late 60's -
    but I've learned a little about them since; some of that by asking
    Only if learning is not something that people can do. Is it?
    Others have positied that it could be made - are you absolutely sure it has
    not been?
    But for my purposes, I have decided that "that much" and "very much" are
    too much.

    Assuming that you meant well, I thank you for your efforts.
  9. Guest

    I don't know. Where can I buy a 32 gram-bit flash drive?
  10. _

    _ Guest

    Don't know.

    32gb cards are readily available.

    It would help to be contextually aware...

  11. Giga is a Latin prefix, dipshit.

    Byte is the computer term for a binary word, whereas the lower case
    refers to the term "bit".

    You are ALMOST as bad as the OP.

  12. It would help for YOU to be contextually aware.

    G means Giga... all over the world.

    g means gram... all over the world.

    There are no "contextual exceptions".

    Letter based term indicators are used worldwide, and "context" is not
    supposed to be a factor. If it were, no one would know what was being
    related in written communications without first asking for clarification,
    and that defeats the entire purpose of using single letter (or more) as
    an abbreviation to describe a unit of measure of type class designation.

    The current consensus leans toward making SI the worldwide standard,
  13. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    On Sat, 22 Mar 2008 10:04:37 -0700, MakeNoAttemptToAdjustYourSet


    What do you do for entertainment there in SD... sit in the corner,
    suck your thumb, and masturbate, while you watch the snow fall and the
    flood waters rise ?:)

    ...Jim Thompson
  14. Guest

    You don't know where to buy readily available 32 gram-bit flash
    drives? They'd be very heavy, I wager.
    It would help to be socially aware; *NOBODY* else use your made-up
    "conventions". Are you autistic? Find me ONE example of a commercial
    flash card or SD card that has the units in lower case.
    Hint, Cluestein: there aren't any.
  15. I see that you are projecting again.
  16. _

    _ Guest

    I'm waiting for him to start correcting spelling.

    The other trouble with "standards" is the people who try to enforce their
    favourite ones...
  17. Don Bowey

    Don Bowey Guest

    In the context of this discussion, you don't even know what "standard" means
    or from where they come.

    Why continue to show your ignorance?
  18. **** off, you retarded little bastard. For you to listen to the
    fucking retarded troll ThompsonTard tells me that you are nothing more
    than a retarded piece of shit.

    You will never get any assistance for your lack of education here any

    You are exactly what I called you from the start, and there is no hope
    that you will ever learn anything real that relates to the electronics
    industry, you stupid dumbfucktard.
    The word is FAVORITE, idiot! Not that a retarded twit like you could
    ever elaborate on what those of us that are educated do.

    You were challenged by another poster to give an example of the use of
    the prefix "Giga" that is not capitalized, as well as "Byte".

    The fact that you cannot SHOULD make you apologetic and compliant, but
    you took the troll retard path.

    Good luck getting any worthwhile help with that retarded attitude,
    little boy. Do you also wear your pants down past your asscrack?
  19. _

    _ Guest

    Gosh, he DID "correct" spelling. I win, I think.

    But goodness, he does know so many other words.
  20. krw

    krw Guest

    Actually not. A 32 Giga-bit 32gram-bit drive would only be 1E-9g;
    not heavy at all.
    Units, perhaps ('b' is often used for 'bits'). The multiplier 'G',
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