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revamping cell phone help

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by C. Nick Kruzer, May 21, 2007.

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  1. How do I deactivate the phone number inside an old model analog cell
    phone so that I can use it for 911 emergency calls?

    I found this on a website that sells emergency cell phones:
    On tv news I also saw an item that told about people using this type of
    phone configuration, needing to place emergency calls but were unable to
    afford cell phone service and/or new cell phones.
  2. Guest

    I've got a zero monthly mobile phone contract. I only pay for the
    occasional 5 cent SMS messages to family.

    Why do you need to do anything with your phone?
    If you don't pay your bill, the carrier will deactivate you, but
    legally, you must have access to 112, the international emergency
    number. Probably 911, and 000 as in Australia.

  3. I don't have a cell phone. I had a used one but lost it. I'm getting
    ready to get another.

    I have an inexpensive land line I pay for but I have never payed for a
    service cell phone. I just don't have the money to pay for cell service.
    I don't have a car either and use bicycle for transportation. I go
    through areas where phones or people with phones are unavailable. If I
    were to be injured on the back roads I would have no way to call for
    help. That's why I am looking for a way to do this with as little money
    as possible.

    Awhile back I bought a used analog cell at a retail phone store and the
    seller did something in the works that removed the old number. I think
    he replaced it with something like (123)456-7890. I think it is a
    standard number that lets phone companies know the call is coming from a
    cell phone for emergency calls only. ( I lost that phone, might have
    been stolen)

    I thought a cell phone has to be set-up, re-configured in order to use
    as an emergency phone. Analog phones have larger area of
    receiving-transmitting coverage and better for emergency. They are not
    popular as smaller digital phones. Because of this used analogs are

    I will probably be able to get a used analog cell phone dirt cheap from
    a thrift, second hand store, like Salvation Army, Goodwill etc. The type
    of store for bums like me who can't afford or refuse to buy anything new
    except for toilet paper.

    I think I can do this if I know how to re-set the phone number of the
    cell phone, or is this some type of secret method that I am not allowed
    to fool with because someone won't make money from it? Nothing wrong
    with making money, I just don't have that much to spend.

    This is a "Hacking" question more than an electronics one, I think.
    Moreover, there is nothing unethical about this hack. As far as I know
    it complies with the state laws where I reside (California).

    Any hackers out there?
  4. Guest

    As I understand it, you don't need a sim card installed for the
    emergency 112 call to work. I would try an up-market phone shop as
    they have any number of usable phones out the back that are "traded
    in" for junking. I've never bought a phone, I get the latest-but-one
    model from my wife who gets the latest for free from our kids who must
    have the even latest latest gee whizz model to talk to thier mates
    with. I once had a model that the company could not unlock for other
    carriers, and the guy slipped me a similar model from out the back.
    I only have an account because it is zero dollars per month plus
    calls, and my wife insists I carry it in case I get lost -- Damn!!!
    ps, I hate all phones!!!
  5. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    Is it too hard for you to pay attention to your driving, such that you
    don't injure yourself? Maybe you shouldn't go out without a "buddy".

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