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Rev Counter on Diesel Engine

Discussion in 'Boat Electronics' started by Brian Runyard, Nov 14, 2003.

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  1. I'm in the process of replacing the old AQ110 petrol engine (negative earth)
    in my boat with a Perkins Diesel.
    Is it possible to retain my original Rev Counter (signal from contact
    breaker), but pickup the signal from the Alternator instead and recalibrate
    the instrument (I have an accurate hand held tacho to compare it with)?


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  2. Larry

    I don't have the Perkins tach, so before parting with hard earned cash I
    wondered if I could modify what I've got.
    The engine is a Perkins Prima 78hp Turbo, out of a car so I've got to spend
    about £700 for the marinising kit.
  3. brian clode

    brian clode Guest

    asap supplies in the uk sell Faria rev counters that use alternator
    sensing,( I have two on twin diesels)
    good luck Brian
  4. Larry

    The engine plus a second for spares only cost 60UKP.
    I experimented at the weekend, and have solved my problem.
    1. Built a circuit that uses an optical sensor
    2. Removed the circuit board from inside the tacho, so it's just a moving
    coil meter.
    3. Put 2 white blobs on the flywheel.
    4. Calibrated the circuit.
    Works wonderful.

  5. BruceM

    BruceM Guest

    Yeah, until it gets oil or grease or something on it!
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