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Resolution bandwidth (RBW) implementation

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Mar 1, 2007.

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    This post addresses the implementation of resolution bandwidth in the
    context of spectrum analysis in MATLAB.

    Is my understanding correct:

    In an analogue swept frequency spectrum analyzer (SA), the so-
    called resolution bandwidth (RBW) is implemented as the final
    intermediate frequency (IF) analogue filter. The RBW of the
    measurement is varied by changing the bandwidth of the analogue
    whose shape is Gaussian.

    In DSP-based spectrum analyzers, there is no 'final IF
    filter' and resolution bandwidth is implemented as follows:

    the measurement signal, sampled at Fs, runs continuously. A
    segment of sampled data, of length L_segment, is windowed prior to
    taking its complex FFT. The latter is averaged over N_segment

    How does the L_segment and N_segment relate to RBW and Fs?

    What form of averaging is applied (magnitude/complex)?

    Thanks in advance for your answers. Please illustrate with MATLAB
    if appropriate.
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