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Resistor TC; was Syncronous Switchers

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Apr 16, 2013.

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    From the thread, comment by John Larkin:
    That's another topic in itself.

    Take a specified 25ppm TC resistor part, what would be the value used for worst case calculations. The 25ppm is probably a long way from the actual TC due to manufactor "cover my ass" policies.

    Anyone have numbers for that and how the trend/graph typically looks?

    Do part from same lot or even manufactor tend to track, so the resultant TC of say a resistive divider isn't just the squared root sum of the individual TCs?


  2. I did this not so long ago


    (There are numbers on the graph scale but may be hard to see depending
    on browser settings).

    There were two types of resisor, vishay Z201 series "ultra high
    precision" and some "Econistor" 3ppm parts marketed by Rhopoint in UK.

    Of course this was just for some particular samples.
    Yes, I believe this is usually the case.
  3. Guest

    It shows fine in my brower, nice measurements :)


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