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resistor color code help

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Gary Woodruff, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. Howdy all I have a resistor on a front panel tv control that has a 5
    band color code of brn-blu-red-gold-grn. This resistor is not burnt but
    measures 1.62K ohms. from the color code I would suspect 16.2 ohms. If I
    replace the 1.62k with a 16.2 the set will not power on. If I put the
    1.62k back in set powers and then shuts down after 5 seconds. There are
    many posts that identify the front panel cb as the culprit.(circuit
    board is no longer available from RCA). There are 4 or 5 resistors and 6
    tact switches, and one cap on this board. this resistor is the only
    component in the circuit with the on/off tact switch. My main confusion
    is the color code and value of this resistor, am I missing something???

  2. ian field

    ian field Guest

    It has 3 significant digits instead of 2 and the final value band is the
    number of 0's.

    A good example of scaling is: a brown/black/orange is 10k -
    brown/black/black/orange is 100k.

    Faulty resistors in low power circuits are rare - are there any
    electrolytics on that board?
  3. Ian , thanks. The band in question is the 4th gold band the multiplier.
    Gold will give me a value of 16.2 ohms, however the resistor measures
    1.62K ohms. I would expect the multiplier to be brn to get the 1.62k
    that the resistor actually measures??
  4. ian field

    ian field Guest

    You will get flamed if you keep on top posting.
  5. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    WOw, you are the first the get it correct.
  6. Thanks to Peter Bennett. I concur it is a 4 band resistor with a fifth
    temp band. The resister is in a low power circuit and has no sign of
    damage or overheating.
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