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Resetting/Hacking Sony Car Stereos from Japanese Tuning to US...service manuals?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Apr 25, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Resetting/Hacking Sony Car Stereos from Japanese Tuning to
    US...service manuals?

    Hi there...

    I was wondering if someone has any idea if ANY of the Sony "WX" series
    of double-din car stereos (japanese or usa models) can be "hacked" so
    that their tuners can be changed from japanese fm tuning to us/uk or
    world tuning and vice-versa???

    I recently purchased a Sony WX-C88REC double-din cd/md recorder from
    eBay. This is a japanese market deck and is factory set for japanese
    fm tuning. However, the design and physical layout of this deck is
    very similar to other US models (such as the WX-4500X and the WX-
    C5000, as well as the WX-C55 which looks nearly identical). I'm
    nearly convinced that there MUST be some way to hack the japanese
    models so that their tuners can be "switched" to us or world frequency
    range tuning. I find it difficult to believe that Sony would design
    two distinct different tuner hardware modules for japanese and
    american versions. Problem is, I have no clue HOW to "hack" this
    feature. I don't have a service manual for ANY "WX" series stereos,
    but I'm thinking that it may possibly be an option in a service manual
    for ANY of the "WX" decks. Again, I find it difficult to believe that
    this isn't "set-able" some sort of way.

    Does anyone out there have an idea? Does anyone out there have ANY
    service manual for ANY "WX" series Sony stereo? Or, for that matter,
    does anyone have a service manual for ANY Sony car stereo that
    addresses in ANY way setting the tuner for different tuning freqency

    I realize there are adapters available to transpose the FM
    frequencies. I've used them before, always with poor results
    (stations usually overlap and are weak). I mainly record off the
    radio with my MDX-C800REC's in my other cars, but always thought it
    would be cool to be able to dub cd's quickly in-dash digitally without
    having to mess with a cd changer. But, radio recording is my primary
    concern...and the adapters don't provide the quality I want for

    PLEASE help ANYBODY if you can steer me in the right direction or help
    in ANY way. If anyone has ANY Sony service manuals for ANY stereo,
    please let me know...perhaps if setting the tuner IS an option, maybe
    it is a standard procedure to set ANY Sony stereo's tuning in a
    similar fashion.

    Thank you VERY much!
  2. N Cook

    N Cook Guest

    You could change the PLL crystal but the displayed f will be wrong and may
    loose some stations at top or bottom of the range
  3. What are you? Gay???
  4. "Convertors" are readily available in the UK to enable JDM car radios to
    work in the UK, they simply shift the frequency down by 10,12 or 20 MHz.
    You can,t get full coverage of the UK FM band with a fixed frequency
    convertor,( the one I have switches between two crystals) as the
    Japanese band is narrower.The Frequency readout on the radio is wrong of
    course, but once you have stored it in the memory its not a problem.
    The one I have works well.
    Some JDM car radios have diversity receivers so you would need two!
    There is no other practical way to do it.
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