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Require help for project on analog designing

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Aug 12, 2013.

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    If i want to create 3D mouse working with movement of hand using capacitance developed due to movement of hand, is this idea coming under my project domain i.e. analog designing ?
    Please suggest me if you have new idea about my project.....
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  3. RobertMacy

    RobertMacy Guest

    There used to be two companies, may still exist, that made 3D mouses based
    upon magnetic fields. One made a glove for 3D computer inputs for 'virtual

    Sorry can't remember their names, one was east USA, began with the letter
    'P', which generated 10kHz like frequencies from fixed positions and the
    strength of the signal to the receiver determined distances, the other was
    in California and the Ch Bd had a french name, gone brain dead with all
    this time. But, this was all circa 70's

    'Problem' with using magnetic field for sensing position was the delay.
    The delay made the user feel like swimming in water, or like the delay of
    the stream of water from a garden hose - you moved, later the object
    moved. That was the biggest complaint from users. The other one was the
    distortion to the field caused by surrounding metallic objects.

    For what it's worth, the technology capabilities have really shifted and I
    recently made a displacement measuring system using magnetic field
    principles, cost? processing was free [piggy backed on the uProc already
    there] plus $1 per sensor pair for components [in 100 quantities], plus
    5mA per pair of sensors. So for almost NO cost and NO power what did you
    get? You could measure from 6 inches to 27 inches. At 8 inch displacement
    the measured noise was 1 mil rms. Yes, one thousandth of an inch rms noise
    AT 8 inch displacement for $1. I told you technology has come up around
    our ears.

    There is a company in England that makes a capacitive sensor that has
    better than 100ppm accuracy. But that requires some control to the design.
    From memory required triax cabling to make it work.

    Queensgate Instruments Ltd provide NanoPositioning and sensing solutions
    for OEM
    development and automation applications.

    If you have a way to make a 3D mouse WITH tactile feedback that does NOT
    require anything but the cellphone; Samsung wants to talk to you.

    Hope all this helps.
  4. Guest

    So you are trying to reinvent the Theremin instrument :)

    Two or three independent oscillators might be usable to detect the
    position of the finger in 2/3D space.

  5. Just install G-Force Platinum, and select the audio input source you
    want to look at.

    This the modern day 1960s color organ, mind you.

    Taken to the Nth degree.

    Well worth it too, as it allows you to pass your images behind the
    image array layer and other things. The ultimate photo album.

  6. Jasen Betts

    Jasen Betts Guest

    so it's like a three-axis theremin?
    possibly easier to do in the petahertz range :^)
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