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Require .1UF are there any alternatives

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by mr_vocab, Mar 27, 2005.

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  1. mr_vocab

    mr_vocab Guest

    im making this project (a pic programmer)
    it requires a .1uf ceramic capactor but i canf find one at home what
    otehr alternatives can i use if any

    i ahve a .01 greencap

    # 50V NPO 1.5pF x 1
    # 50V NPO 3.9pF x 1
    # 50V NPO 4.7pF x 3
    # 50V NPO 5.6pF x 3
    # 50V NPO 8.2pF x 3
    # 50V NPO 12pF x 10
    # 50V NPO 15pF x 2
    # 50V NPO 47pF x 5
    # 50V NPO 56pF x 5
    # 50V NPO 68pF x 1
    # 50V NPO 82pF x 1
    # 50V Y5P 120pF x 1
    # 50V Y5P 150pF x 1
    # 50V Y5P 220pF x 1
    # 50V Y5P 270pF x 1
    # 50V Y5P 330pF x 1
    # 50V Y5P 680pF x 7
    # 50V Y5P 820pF x 1
    # 50V Y5P 0.001uF x 3
    # 50V Y5P 0.0022uF x 2
    # 50V Y5P 0.0033uF x 5
    # 50V Y5P 0.0056uF x 3

    and the following
    * 470uF 16V x 5
    * 470uF 25V x 1
    * 330uF 25V x 1
    * 220uF 25V x 2
    * 220uF 16V x 2
    * 100uF 16V x 8
    * 100uF 25V x 6
    * 47uF 25V x 4
    * 33uF 35V x 3
    * 33uF 16V x 15
    * 4.7uF 50V x 4
    * 2.2uF 100 x 4

    but i doubt they would be any good

    thanks for your help
  2. Art

    Art Guest

    Any electronics parts supplier should be able to supply you with the
    required Ceramic Capacitor without guessing.
  3. Nathan

    Nathan Guest

    yeah but the thing is i dont really want to travel to my 'nearest'
    electronic shop they arnt that local
  4. Z80

    Z80 Guest

    Hi Nathan
    Your selection of capacitors is not very useful since 0.1uF = 100,000pF
    I think you have 3 choices....

    1. Search some old PCB,s or electronic equipment for a 0.1uF which you can remove

    2. Use 2 bits of insulated wire twisted together. You would need a DVM or something which could measure capacitance to check it - also for 0.1uF depending on the thickness of the wires it could be a foot or more long !

    3. Let me know your address and I will post you one.

  5. In
    No, much much longer. That method isn't really good for more than a few pF
    and we are after 100,000pF here.
  6. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    It seems it's just a bypass. Use the .01. If it doesn't work, then
    order a .1 from practically anywhere - it's about the commonest
    bypass capacitor in the known universe. While you're waiting for
    the right part to arrive, put these two in parallel:
    Based on what?

    Good Luck!
  7. There are five 0.1 uF capacitors in your schematic. They are all bypass
    capacitors. If you have enough 0.01s, use those instead or the 0.0056s.
    The circuit will probably work without any of those capacitors, but you
    should add them just to be sure you don't get oscillations.

    You can buy a bunch of the 0.1s ($5 or so for 100) from Mouser or Digikey if
    you are in the U.S. Get "monolythic ceramic". 50 volt will do.

    John Musselman
  8. Art

    Art Guest

    Never heard of mail order or Via the Web?? Check MCM Electronics, Digikey,
    Et Al Fin
  9. Nathan

    Nathan Guest

    hi there all thanks alot for your help

    i will try just using 0.01 and hope for the best ... if not ill c if
    any of my friends can give me some

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