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REQ: Tach circuit for motorcycle (bargraph)

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by me, Dec 12, 2004.

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  1. me

    me Guest

    looking for ideas (diagrams) for a bargraph tach for a motorcycle
    Vtwin cylinder like a lm3914 with led's and a interface led per 500
    rpm 0-5000 Thanks
  2. Marlowe

    Marlowe Guest

    I would use a PIC 16F628 chip as the central processor interfaced to your
    cycle via a rare earth magnet & Hall sensor attached to the motor
    crankshaft. The PIC reads the magnet crossing the Hall sensor and counts
    time. At the next crossing the PIC computes the correct LED to light up the
    correct via program logic or a simple table. The 628 has enough I/O pins to
    read the Hall and light a ten segment LED bar display

    I use the Hall from and
    Radio Shack sells small rare earth magnets that can easily and reliably
    attached to a rotating hob or gear.

    I am using a 16F628 and the Hall/magnet to measure RPM for a PIC controlled
    electronic ignition system for a 31cc gas engine for a R/C airplane. It
    does the job quite nicely. You do need a PIC programmer and the necessary
    software to program the chip.
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