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REQ: O-scope manual

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by john james, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. john james

    john james Guest

    I recently purchased an oscilloscope that i am attempting to locate a
    manual for. the only marking on it is on the faceplate that reads:


    I believe that it is made by Crotech.

    Does anybody have any idea where i can obtain a manual for it from?

  2. Jean-Yves

    Jean-Yves Guest

    what do you want to do with this scope ???
    all these basic scopes are easy to use
    and you can pick up the manual of any 25mhz scope on the net
    the commands won't be very different
  3. john james

    john james Guest

    Well, I am trying to find some specific items about this particular
    item.. for instance, there are no marking on what the voltage and
    frequency on the calibration probe point to indicate what it SHOULD be
    reading.. I am use to the tektronics 465, but mine has died, so i
    picked up this one until i am able to get mine repaired.. It just does
    not have the same comfortable feel.. thought a manual might help me
    get acquainted with it better..
  4. Jean-Yves

    Jean-Yves Guest

    it is most of the times 1khz or 2khz
    and 1Vpp or 600mVpp

    look at what is most approching for you ?

    measure a known waveform going out from a waveform generator ?
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