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Req for Info transister or something

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by [email protected], Aug 8, 2004.

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  1. Guest

    I picked up a spool of these transisters and can't find any info on them.
    If anybody can give me some info I'd gladly send you a couple.
    The number on the front is SC432611CFN2. I have a picture putup at
    Thanks for any and all help, I've done a google search for any parts of the
    number and that didn't seem to help any.

  2. Guest

  3. Dave Platt

    Dave Platt Guest

    Doesn't look like transistors. Looks like a Motorola
    application-specific IC or perhaps a specialized embedded processor.
    I'd guess that it's a custom part, made for a specific customer of
    Motorola, and that your chance of doing anything particularly useful
    with it are pretty darned low. If it's a custom part, its
    functionality would be proprietary - Motorola probably wouldn't be
    able to disclose the details of the circuitry.

    You could always glue a bunch of them together to a piece of tile, and
    make a unique coaster for your can of cola!
  4. Guest

    Your probably correct, I picked them up from a scrap yard that gets gobs
    of stuff from the automotive guys all the time. Last years parts that
    they had extras of, all kinds of stuff I've got a bunch of speedometers
    that haven't been installed too. A coster would probably be all they'd be
    usefull for.
    Thanks anyways.

  5. I agree. 100%.

    Give 'em to the kids to play with, let them use 'em for Monopoly tokens.
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