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REQ: 12V Power Supply Help

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [news], May 9, 2005.

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  1. [news]

    [news] Guest

    hi all

    I've popped the top off my panasonic RX-ES27 stereo CD player

    I've located the power supply, sussed out the +ive and GND terminals
    on the secondary side and got an output reading of 15.37V

    I intend to power the device off a 12V car battery and they usually output
    13.8V or thereabouts. does anyone forsee any problems I might have as
    it's only 1.5V under ? (better than over I suppose)

    I intend to cut and bare the + and GND output leads and solder on the
    appropriate flyleads and route them through the battery compartment
    onto a fused cigar lighter type plug.

    here's the crux of the matter, should I just power it off the battery, neat,
    with the fused cigar ligher type plug or should I use a regulated 12V
    gigar lighter plug ?

    in the past I've done a similar bodge with crocodile clips to the battery terminals
    which worked fine, if a bit dodgy. I want this to be a fixed mod for use when
    camping and boating where there's always a12V DC socket

    tia for any help

  2. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    It will work, with the addition of one component - a Transzorb such as a
    1.5KE16 (1N6276) or so: .
    You should be able to get one at almost any electronics vendor. Put it
    just like a Zener across the +12/gnd, between the plug and the box,
    cathode (band end) to +12, and anode (blank end) to ground.

    Car +12V is terribly nasty noisy crappy DC - I've heard there can be
    spikes of 60V or worse. You might even want to add a hash choke and
    filter cap.

    Good Luck!
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