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Reputable Beta VCR repair business

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    I have two beta vcr's that both probably need a very good cleaning and
    probably some minor part replacements. Anyone out there know of a good
    repair shop that doesn't cost a fortune ?? Sam set me up with this, so
    blame him.
  2. b

    b Guest

    where are you? i know a few in UK
  3. Robert

    What makes are they? Sony machines are generally less
    reliable and much harder to source parts for than Sanyo.
    Toshiba machines usually have shot heads.

  4. Guest


    One is a Sony SL-HF300. It ejects the tape but the right front corner
    of the tape gets jammed in the right side of the door opening. The
    door flap also does not raise automatically. I have to hold it up
    myself, or the tape gets jammed up against the flap and eventually
    goes back into the machine. But, so far, it plays tapes just fine.
    Knock on wood.

    The other is a Sears model number 564-53410450. The tape gets caught
    unside the machine. I've had to cut 2-3 tapes out of that machine.

    Hope you're able to help somehow ! and, thanks !!
  5. Robert

    I don't know the USA models so well, but it certainly
    sounds as though the cassette carriage is damaged on
    the HF300. Parts are virtually impossible to obtain, the
    only hope is to get a scrap machine with a good front
    loading mechanism and swap it over. Other models will
    use essentially the same mechanism. This looks similar
    to the UK model SL-HF100, but others will be the same

    The Sears one could be anything, I don't recognise that
    one at all. If it's a Sanyo it may only need a service
    kit (I supply them for some models). Have a look inside
    it and compare it to the pictures on my web site:
    See if it looks familiar.

    If not, look at the palsite and see which UK model looks
    most like the Sears one, and we can go from there:


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