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REPOST: Please help identify old Cutler Hammer circuit breaker

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by cfjwang, Sep 22, 2005.

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  1. cfjwang

    cfjwang Guest

    Repost to provide the correct picture of the metal bar. Please note that I
    have exhausted the largest local electric supply house, Home Depot, eBay,
    ETA (internet search of catalog), etc.

    I bought a very old house and have difficulty finding a replacement circuit
    breaker. The control panel is labeled as Cutler Hammer. The closest
    circuit breaker I can find locally is CH130 (1 pole, 30A), shown at the top
    of . The bottom part is the
    one I am trying to replace. It has a notch on one side. There is metal bar
    inside the control panel that prevents the CH130 from being plugged in,
    while the notch on the old circuit breaker allows for the insertion. (The
    metal bar is shown in the lower middle part of

    Can anyone help me identify what type of circuit breaker this is and where I
    can buy these?

    Best regards,

  2. Have you pulled the box open? I'd expect a list of compatible breaker
    types on the box itself.

    Then, I'd contact Eaton directly...

    Home Owner Support Center
    -All general inquiries regarding Eaton residential products.
  3. SQLit

    SQLit Guest

    Probably time to start searching/calling the obsolete breaker people. Eaton
    will not have those.
  4. RBM

    RBM Guest

    It looks like an obsolete "CH" breaker. They've changed the design and the
    new "CH" breakers have plastic feet as opposed to metal feet and no notch in
    them, so they won't fit in your obsolete panel. I'd call local electricians
    and ask them as many have old stuff hanging around
  5. cfjwang

    cfjwang Guest


    I guess I did not try hard enough. This time I found "CH410" and "Use CH
    breaker" very deep inside the control box wall.

    It appears that the CH series products experienced a tooling change and the
    new ones are no longer compatible to the old ones. I still have a
    challenge, i.e., to find an old CH circuit breaker, but at least I know
    which direction to go now.

    Thanks for the useful hint.

  6. cfjwang

    cfjwang Guest

    This is correct. Per Duane's suggestion I found a label deep inside the
    control box. The box is CH410 and it also says "use CH circuit breakers".

    Thanks for the help.

  7. Or surprised at how much... :)
  8. Harry

    Harry Guest

    Go on ebay - I bought some "out of print" circuit breakers on ebay for
    my son's house. If yours are "out of print" - people on ebay know they
    are worth something - and they get them and sell them.
  9. I bought a "Value Pack" consisting of a 200A CH panel + main breakers
    and several other breakers (forget how many) at Lowe's for approx. $150.

  10. cfjwang

    cfjwang Guest

    The panel installation date is marked 1978.

  11. cfjwang

    cfjwang Guest

    The need to get a permit to do it yourself is a hassle. Or you may have to
    pay $900 to get a licensed electrician to do a simple job for you (it's hard
    to get contractors in Seattle area due to the heated housing market).

  12. You had access to cut main feed to replace it?
  13. I haven't installed it yet, but technically it's a subpanel because the
    main breaker is in the garage back-to-back with the meter, so I can kill
    the power there. The existing subpanel that I will replace is in the

  14. Bud--

    Bud-- Guest

    You can usually pull the meter. But thats dicey if the wires from the
    meter to the panel have to be replaced.

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