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Replacing DAC4815 (Burr-Brown)

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Thomas, Nov 25, 2004.

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  1. Thomas

    Thomas Guest


    I'm in search of an alternative for the DAC4815 formally manufactured
    by Burr-Brown. It is a Quad 12-Bit-DAC with internal reference,
    8+4-Bit parallel interface and Bipolar Output (+/- 10V). I have not
    yet found an alternative. The current device is a 28 Pin PDIP and we
    are even thinking about designing a piggy-pack pcb which has the same
    functionality. But until then we might need some of the old devices.
    Does anybody now where I could get them? Or does anybody have an idea
    which DAC I could use to get the same functionality? I found some DACs
    which might work, but most of them need two external reference
    voltages (+/- 10V) and we don't have so much space left on our
    piggy-pack, as we would need a latch to adopt the interface from 8+4
    Bit to 12 Bit...

    Any hint would be appreciated.


    Thomas Kurth

    P.S.: Please use for PM and replace "nospam" with
    "kurth". The mentioned adress is valid, but ignored, due to excessive
    Spam... :-(
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