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Replacing camera flash trigger MOSFET - 2SK2715

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Peabody, Apr 20, 2011.

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  1. Peabody

    Peabody Guest

    While the pop-up flash on my Canon XT camera works fine, the hot
    shoe doesn't work. So I took it apart, and found a discrete
    transistor near the hot shoe, with one lead going to the hot shoe
    center-pin connector, one going to ground, and the third going off
    into the circuit bowels.

    So I'm hoping this transistor is bad, and that's what's causing
    the problem. The number on it is K2715P, which I assume is
    2SK2715, a 500V N-channel MOSFET. That would make perfect sense in
    this application.

    But the problem is that the transistor is soldered onto that amber
    flexible plastic stuff that passes for a PC board these days. I've
    never attempted to desolder or resolder anything to that stuff. I
    have a 30-watt iron. Can anyone give me advice on that?

    An alternative would be to wire in the replacement in in parallel
    with the existing part, probably just soldering to the old part
    leads and trying to stay away from the plastic PC board as much as
    possible. If I have room to do it that way.

    And finally, this transistor appears to be pretty obscure, and
    while Mouser carries it, it would be nice if I could use something
    I'm more likely to find locally - an NTE part perhaps. It wouldn't
    really have to have a 500V DS rating. As a practical matter, I
    think 50V would be plenty - modern flashes don't go over 12V. So if
    anybody knows of a common N-channel MOSFET that might work, please
    let me know. But it has to be small. The body of the old one is
    6.5mm wide.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Peabody

    Peabody Guest

    larry moe 'n curly says...
    Thanks for the suggestions. I succeeded in desoldering the
    Gate lead of the transistor so I could test it
    out-of-circuit. But, it tested ok. So that wasn't the
    problem after all.

    However, after reassembly and doing a global reset of the
    camera settings, it's working properly now.
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