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replacing bathroom multiple bulb fixture?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Mike, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Mike

    Mike Guest

    Our house is beginning to need various electrical fixture replacements
    (built 1978). My wife's dressing room has a strip of 8 lights. When trying
    to replace one, I found two more virtually ready to fall out. I'm not too
    good with electrical home repairs because unless I shut down the main power
    to the whole house, I don't trust it.

    Assuming I can master cutting the power to the strip needing replacement, I
    have a few basic questions. I see that each of the 8 lights has electrical
    lines running to it (duh). If the replacement only needs 6, can I just use a
    twist cover, then wrap that with electrical tape and trust it to stay safe?
    If not, what's the proper steps to take?


    ps-I'm 61 years old and other than basic shop class in high school, don't
    even know what kind of gadget (ohm meter?,,,,,,) I should buy to be able to
    KNOW a wire is or is not hot...please offer suggestions for a low budget
  2. ehsjr

    ehsjr Guest

    If you are replacing the light fixture with a new one,
    there should be only 3 house wires to deal with: white,
    black and green (or bare). White connects to white;
    black connects to black; and green (or bare) is ground.
    The new fixture will have a green wire or a ground screw.
    You need to connect the house wire ground (the green
    or bare wire) to the green wire or ground screw on the
    new fixture.

    If you are repairing a fixture you can use a wire
    nut (what you term a "twist cover") and electrical
    tape on wires you need to leave unconnected, just
    as you mentioned.

    Making a circuit "dead" prior to working on it:
    If the old fixture is still working, turn it on and then
    flip breakers, one at a time, until it goes off. With the
    breaker off, all the wires should be dead. But if you
    have the slightest doubt, shut off the main breaker as
    you have been doing. You could buy a voltmeter to test
    the circuit to see if it is dead, but you would have to
    know more to use it than you already know. In any event,
    tripping the breakers until the light goes off is a better
    and safer method. And, as you already know, the ultimate
    is tripping the main breaker.

  3. Mike

    Mike Guest

    If there is a more appropriate group, please advise. It's not always that
    obvious. I'm also a CPA and spend most of my time in
    People actually ask bookkeeping and other business related questions there.
    We usually just politely give an answer or offer a more relevant newsgroup
    group to use.

  4. Mike

    Mike Guest

    Thanks to the helpful. I don't mind giving someone a grin:)

  5. Roy

    Roy Guest

    Dear Mickey; Old Boy... if you've got money don't put yourself through
    this ever again:) Get a good electrician to do it for you - you can
    Higher & Boss a younger one around & get him to take care of all your
    Elecrical Problems for a Set Fee, at 60, What's better than that?

    If you're low on cash - get a book on electrical wiring - you can get
    that & a simpe volt tester at any Home Depot... but just so you know,
    elecricians hardly ever shut off the breakers to change a fixture they
    just shut off the switch :) sometimes I don't even need to do that...

    If your in NYC send me an email., I'll be glad to stop by & take care of
    em for ya...

    Roy Q.T.
    Urban Technician
    [I don't make em, I just fix em]
  6. Mike

    Mike Guest

    Thanks for the reply. You're right, and I plan to follow that safe advise!

  7. This from the dipshit that claimed he was a mere ten years old.

    You should go out and climb on the high tension lines... with the
    circuits energized.
  8. Roy

    Roy Guest

    (The Great Assfactor) wrote:

     This from the dipshit that claimed he was a mere ten years old.
        You should go out and climb on the high tension lines...
    with the circuits energized.

    You wanna mess with asstractor?
    After you motherfucker...energize that circuit you fucking creep...®
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