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Replacing a fusible resistor on a laptop...?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Brian Maupin, Oct 7, 2003.

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  1. Brian Maupin

    Brian Maupin Guest

    A bad car adaptor blew out what HP calls a "fusible resistor" on my
    motherboard and I'd like to replace the resistor rather than the
    entire motherboard like HP wants me to do. I have one of two options:
    1) Take it someplace where they'll charge me an ungodly amount to do
    it (one estimate was around $100) or 2) Fix it myself.

    I was wondering, will most electronics repair places replace the
    resistor or just buy a new motherboard and replace that?

    What would I have to do in order to locate the resistor and replace it
    if I were to do it on my own? I've done some simple soldering before
    but I'm not sure about detaching the resistor...

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Andre

    Andre Guest


    On the ones I have the casing is light grey.
    It looks like a normal resistor but will have the board legend "FR
    xxxx" - they are usually 1/2 watt or so though can be smaller .

    Shouldn't be too hard to swap it . I usually cut the legs off flush
    with the board and pull the remains through from the print side
    (carefully) - works most of the time, then clean up with solder wick
    and replace .

  3. Gary

    Gary Guest

    If it's like most of HP's laptops, it a surface mount resistor near the
    power connector. They're pretty easy to swap, just don't use too much heat
    on the board.
  4. Brian Maupin

    Brian Maupin Guest

    I'm not able to find anything labeled with an "FR" near the power
    connector but I have found a small (probably 1/8 inch wide) grey/black
    retangular box directly next to the power connector and it appears to
    have a hairline crack in it. Could this be it? What writing were you
    refering to? The white lettering on the motherboard itself or the
    lettering actually on the resistors?
  5. Gary

    Gary Guest

    Check to see if there is continuity on the chip with a DVM. You might also
    look under a magnifying glass to see it better.
  6. Brian Maupin

    Brian Maupin Guest

    Ok, I'll try and found our DVM to check the continuity. I've also
    scanned the mother board and posted a picture of what I think might be
    the reisitor. The pictures is located at
    Is this what it should look like?
  7. Gary

    Gary Guest

    I couldn't tell too much from the picture.
  8. Brian Maupin

    Brian Maupin Guest

  9. Andre

    Andre Guest

    That component is a chip inductor.

    Probably an inline filter by the looks of it.

    The component to the left could be a fusible resistor however.

  10. Brian Maupin

    Brian Maupin Guest

    Oops, that arrow should be pointing at the smaller black rectangle to
    the right. That one appears to have a very small crack in it... could
    that be the problem?
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