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Replacement picture tube out of warranty?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Fraser, Dec 24, 2003.

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  1. geoff

    geoff Guest

    I know, I know....

    It was a typo, although how I got a&u and n&l mixed up, I have no idea,
    they're not even close on the kbd.

    I read it in several replies and winced, but wasn't going to correct it
    as I have given up on this thread
  2. Andy Hall

    Andy Hall Guest

    Quite, although I suppose in the sense of 'anterior' it could be
    described as a f*ck up. IYSWIM :)


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  3. half_pint

    half_pint Guest

    That garbage, the human field of active 20/20 vision is very narrow
    about 20 degrees IIRC. It is *not possible* to watch a film using
    *peripheral vision*.
    Please read up on how human vision works (but not on a site
    designed for 5 year old children), before contributing more misleading
    and inaccurate garbage.
    Because anyone below then has their vision obscured, a high and
    distant 'upper circle' is the best that can be managed, with abour
    10% of the seating capacity below.
  4. half_pint

    half_pint Guest

    No - prove it - give a some links - you cannot. EOS
    That as a smaller cheapo set. It's £380 for a set 10% bigger. (32 in)
    WS has causes me to stop buying TV's, mugs like you cough up merrilly.
    For the filthy rich yes.
    You get what you are served not what you choose.
    Not where I live (central UK).
    Yes and a cure for cancer is just around the corner.
    Is she blind and senile? (like you)
  5. half_pint

    half_pint Guest

    Wrong our field of viable 20/20 vision is about 20 degrees IIRC, look it up.
    You *cannot* effectively use peripheral vison to watch TV.
    Thats a bit garbled. It is a fact the the taller the picture the less people
    you can seat per unit area, a 10 year old child could work that out.
    ( You may find tha maths a bit taxing presumably)
    And most are not even WS, I seem so many complaints about it from
    pretentious 'purists'
    The fashion of economics and profit, not good picture making.
  6. half_pint

    half_pint Guest

    Yes people who don't have a clue and no evidence to support them.
    Nobody sells em - slight problem
    You are wrong EOS.
    Its worked ok the last 5 years and I am not changing it.
  7. half_pint

    half_pint Guest

    Completely wrong. Prove it. You can't
    yes it is.
  8. Hohohoho!! Add a zero to that dumbo.

    It is *not possible* to watch a film using
    Ideally the picture should be far wider.
    Try doing the same dumbo - maybe then you would not look so stupid.
    No it isn't.
    Not been to an Imax cinema have you?
  9. half_pint

    half_pint Guest

    Your the only zero here.
    Hence our eyes in the back of our heads.
    You are stupid.
    Don't argue with better educated people.
    No I don't flush my money down the loo either.
  10. Half_pint's eyes work about as well as his brain!
  11. You are, and a very sick one at that.
    They have been posted in the past, you ignored them.
    28" @ £280 is not smaller and not cheaper. You want small, go smaller.
    You want cheap then go cheaper - you can get WSTVs for under £200
    these days.
    It will be very good for the television industry - this promotion of
    widescreen you do for them. Because if Half-Brain says it is bad then
    it must be a "must have" for normal people.
    For everyone.
    That is broadcasting for you. Apply to set up your own station and
    then you can dish out your own programming. See if you can find a few
    mugs that think 4:3 is better than 16:9.
    Yes, where YOU live.
    No, the switch off of analogue broadcasts started several years ago
    when Sky and the Cable companies started to move to Digital. Sky
    completed its move two years ago, most cable companies have also
    switched off analogue or plan to do so very soon. Normal terrestrial
    TV will start in the next three or four years - first with relay
    transmitters but then the main ones. 6 or 7 years from now there will
    be not analogue broadcasts in the UK.
    Many are already cured, others are just around the corner - what to
    stop that development as well?
    Stupid Troll.
  12. half_pint

    half_pint Guest

    I do indeed have perfect vision.
  13. Not if you claim a circular view on the world.
  14. Still well above you.

    The human field of vision is about 200 degrees by the way.
    Looking in the mirror again dumbo.
    I'm not - I'm arguing with a moron like you.
  15. half_pint

    half_pint Guest

    Shouldn't you be in a paedophile group swopping pics of children with
    similar perverts?
    This is, I think you clicked on the wrong group.
  16. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Holy crap guys, can we stop feeding the troll already? *one* person stirring
    up *many* other people, *nobody* agreeing with him, if that doesn't define a
    troll then what does? Let's kill it already, it was interesting for a while,
    now it's just lame.
  17. Andy Hall

    Andy Hall Guest

    Not really. I always understood that it was trolls who were to be
    found under bridges.........
    Actually it's uk.d-i-y. It's you who has been cross-posting and
    behaving like Rumpelstilzchen. He was a half pint as well, I


    To email, substitute .nospam with .gl
  18. Nozza

    Nozza Guest

    Widescreen TV - giving you a more natural view on the world.

    Are widescreen TVs closer to 625 or 415 lines?

    I have a 625 line "old fashioned" tv, and when watching stuff in W/S
    (which I prefer for movies), there must be a whole lot of lines which
    are "black" - but I have never seen figures as to what the number of
    lines on a W/S TV actually is.

    So... how many lines on a W/S TV?


  19. half_pint

    half_pint Guest

    I believe there are 625 but it is hard to get any real info, there doesn't
    seem to be any available. the mugs who buy WS TV's would buy
    I also see some references to 480 lines but these may be from USA or
    other countries sites.
    The only thing which is clear is that the whole thing is a mess. Black bars
    all over the place - yuck.
    4:3 is best, you can pan and scan a WS movie with excellent results.
    You cannot however pan and scan a 4:3 picture with a WS apperture.
    I have no doubt that the slitty eyed Japs are behind it all (Sony).

    When the switch to digital TV takes place I will stop watching TV
    and use the license money to pay for a fast broadband connection.
    It seems like the only solution to this fiasco.
    TV will be so f*cked up by then it wont be worth watching.
    They can shove their WS TV's up their arses (it should be a good fit).
    I have no intension of becoming a WS TV victim.
    Its not WideScreen its WankerScreen.
    WSTV = WankerScreen.TechnoVictim.
  20. No, widescreen TVs are the same 625 line standard as old fashioned 4:3
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