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Replacement for GE 3D lamps

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by corey liss, May 13, 2004.

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  1. corey liss

    corey liss Guest

    A few years ago, I purchased two standing lamps that use GE's "3D"
    compact fluorescent technology. I've been, on the whole, very pleased
    with it -- almost as bright as the six 60W incandescents that used to
    light my living room, but MUCH less heat, and imho a more pleasing

    Unfortunately, one of the lamps has now shorted out, and I'm looking
    to replace it... Only to find that, apparently, GE is no longer
    making them. I also can't find good specs on the bulbs, so I'm not
    sure what an equivalent, current CF would be. Can anyone here
    recommend something, or point me to a good resource to research this
    kind of thing?


  2. corey liss

    corey liss Guest

    Yep, you're quite correct -- I should've said 2D. I'm also being too
    loose with my terminology, I think. Replacement bulbs/lamps abound;
    what I'm looking for is a fixture, either a floor lamp or (preferably)
    a torchiere that can handle 2D lamps. Or PL-Q, if those are
    equivalent... That gives me a new lead to follow; thanks!

    I do note that GE sells a 2D lamp with an incandescent adapter; are
    those reliable? Is there anything to watch out for when using
    incandescent adapters with some of the weirder CFL?

    (And it's a 4-pin 38W, if I recall correctly; I'm not at home to
    check. :)

  3. TKM

    TKM Guest

    The 2D lamps designed for adapters (the GE adapters anyway) are the 38 watt.
    There are several companies making and/or selling 2D table and floor lamps
    including torchiers. Try Good Earth Lighting and Catalina Lighting
    as a start. The 55 watt 2D was designed to provide the light output of a
    300 watt not-so-good linear halogen lamp which is, unfortunately, still
    widely used in torchiers.

    Terry McGowan
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