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Replacement diff bus xcvr?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by John E., Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. John E.

    John E. Guest

    The part that has failed has these markings:


    This is the data sheet for it, I think:


    although how to I tell if the failed one is a 65 or 76 prefix part?

    Searching local suppliers, I find this:


    Is the second a suitable replacement for the first?

    Package is SOIC.

    They're both TI, so why the different numbering (1176 vs 176)? What does
    65/75 prefix indicate? And regarding the other markings on the failed IC:
    does HT mean Hi-Temp?

    A few too many discrepancies in my mind to just swap it in just yet.

  2. John E.

    John E. Guest

    although how to I tell if the failed one is a 65 or 76 prefix part?

    That should read " a 65 or 75 prefix part?".
  3. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    This is TI's page:

    This is TI's search page:
    Searching for parts containing "LS1176" at TI's web site finds only
    the SN65ALS1176.
    See TI's documentation:
    The LBC devices appear to be upgrades to their respective ALS
    versions. They specify lower power and improved ESD.

    The 65 versions appear to have a wider operating temp range (-40C to
    125C, -40C to 85C) than the 75 versions (0 to 70C).

    The datasheets are here: (same as previous)

    All devices have an SN75176 "footprint".

    - Franc Zabkar
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