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Replace Key on laptop (Toshiba Satellite)

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Martin Harran, Nov 9, 2003.

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  1. A key has come off my laptap keyboard, it consists of key cover and 2
    plastic fittings, one more or less circular in shape, the other horseshoe

    I've figured out that the round one snaps into the key cover and onto a
    metal hinge on the keyboard but can't figure out how the horseshoe one fits.

    Anyone know how to do this or a website showing how?


    Martin Harran
  2. Tweetldee

    Tweetldee Guest

    I've been through that problem before, but was several years ago on a couple
    of AST laptops. It's not an easy task, and requires a pair of fine pointed
    tweezers to get it in the right position. Your description sounds very
    different from the keys on my old laptops, but I'll bet they're similar in
    Unfortunately, I can't give you specifics, except to say that you may have
    to cause youself a bit more work in order to figure it out. You may have to
    bite a big bullet and deftly pop one of the other keytops off to see how it
    goes together. Just be sure to watch it very closely when you do it so you
    can get everything back in the right places. Gentle is the key word here..
    you don't want to break anything, or have the parts pop all over the room.
    A good light, preferably a magnifier lamp is a good thing to have before you
    start this operation. Gently pry the top off an adjacent key and notice how
    the assembly goes together. Try not to remove it completely... that way
    it's easier to pop it back into position.
    Then assemble the little plastic parts on the keyboard. You may have to use
    a toothpick or something similar to position them and get them to snap into
    place. There will probably be a piece that has little nubs on the ends that
    fit into slots in the keytop. You'll have to get those nubs into the slots.
    Then position the otherpiece of the lever into the slot in the other end of
    the keytop. Gently push down on the keytop until it snaps back into place.
    If you're lucky, everything will be OK and you're back in business. If not,
    start over and try again. Took me a couple hours to figure it out the first
    time.... but as I said, your keyboard sounds different from mine, so you're
    on your own...
    Good luck!!
    Tweetldee at att dot net (Just subsitute the appropriate characters in the

    Never take a laxative and a sleeping pill at the same time!!
  3. nemo

    nemo Guest

  4. nemo

    nemo Guest

    Please ignore previous post as I posted to wrong newsgroup.


  5. Was wondering, LOL
  6. nemo

    nemo Guest


    I had to replace my keyboard the other week due to the connector cable
    cracking. Unfortunately, I've got rid of the old keyboard so I cannot
    take it apart. There should be 4 parts, the key cover, a plastic
    "dome" that sits in the middle of the key and the other 2 parts that
    you describe; these two parts clip together. Can't you gently prise
    the cap off of another key to see how it goes together?


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