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Replace DVD loader in Samsung HT-DS400

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Reginald I. Perrin, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. The HT-DS400 Home Theatre system from Samsung is about a decade old.
    The DVD loader that is part of it has become unreliable, rejecting as
    "No Disc" all manner of decent items. It never was a great loader, and
    now it is sadly diminished. I see on ebay that I can purchase for
    around $40 (including postage) an exact replacement, part number AH59-
    01354A, but I am wondering if something that starts out as more
    competent (and maybe cheaper) could fit in the same spot?

    Failing that, might it help to clean the optics or lubricate anywhere?
    The inside of the case is amazingly clear of dust, considering the
    unit's age.

    If that goes well, I would replace the fan with a more modern, silent
    fan, and end up with a machine worth maybe $50. A labour of love?

    Thanks to all.

  2. Thank you, Arfa. I guess I should leave well enough alone, though in
    its current state the Home Theatre is close to binnable. The DVD loader
    is not at all like a computer disc unit, which is a well-labelled metal
    box you slide in and then attach power and data connectors. The Home
    Theatre DVD loader is an "assembly" with few or no manufacturer
    markings. Ribbon cables connect the assembly with other circuit boards,
    so it is difficult to tell where the "assembly" ends and the rest of the
    "home theatre" begins, unlike the situation with a computer optical
    deck. I was hoping that someone with experience with Samsung products /
    home theatres might be able to tell me if there was a chance of success
    by, for example, transplanting the DVD from a Samsung DVD player I might
    find at a thrift store. I know it is a long shot.

  3. FWIW, here is the ad for the replacement (nature of ebay is that
    auctions expire, so anybody looking at this after a few days will find a
    broken link):

    I was not able to find a Samsung HT DS-400 repair manual. So it looks
    like the extent of the repairs I will attempt is a quieter fan.
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