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Repairs for Sony STR-DE525 in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Meteor, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. Meteor

    Meteor Guest

    Can anyone suggest a company in Melbourne, Australia that could repair
    a Sony Hi-Fi amplifier (str-de525) which has a non-working subwoofer

  2. Ian Manners

    Ian Manners Guest

    Hi Meteor,
    Where in Melbourne are you, ie, suburb ?

  3. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Its not switched off in the menu is it ?
  4. Steven

    Steven Guest

    It doesn't work in some modes if it's similar to some of the Sonys
    I've owned and seen.

    It should work in a Prologic (or AC-3 maybe) mode, Phantom at least,
    hall maybe, depending if Prologic is on or simulated and may not
    function depending on how you set any Sound Field settings. I had an
    865 and the D611 I have still isn't as fancy but it operates

    Last consideration is that each amp section has it's own relay I would
    bet and there is more than one fused section in there. If you
    operated it out of spec if MIGHT be damaged...I've been told by Sony
    that it's not recommend to operate A and B simultaneously as it can
    and will damage one or both outputs (you can still use the undamaged
    section as FRONT and obtain surround if the surround outputs are
    okay). You might lift the bonnet and visually inspect fuses, relays
    and look for burnt sections first.

    An owner's manual might be available from Sony online...they seem to
    have regained there senses here in the US even if they were borrowed
    and have writing on them. Try eBay, Sony or whomever you normally go
    to sitting with a laptop on St.Kilda beaches.
  5. Meteor

    Meteor Guest

    I'm in Caulfield North
  6. Meteor

    Meteor Guest

    Actually I haven't checked for ages, but there was a time when I went
    through every single option in the entire unit, so I'm sure it isn't
    switched off. But I'll double check. Thanks.
  7. Meteor

    Meteor Guest

    Haha! Thanks for the info.
  8. Meteor

    Meteor Guest

    Had another look last night and can't find any menu item that turns
    enables it.
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