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Repairing Triumph Triple 900 Gill ECU/Ignitor - Component identification

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Repair' started by Luke James, Jan 15, 2015.

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  1. Luke James

    Luke James

    Jan 15, 2015
    Make a long story short I have been working on getting a 1998 Triumph 900 running and had no spark on one of the three coils. Determined it was not the coil by switching the leads of the working coil with the one that was not working and it sparked! So I opened the unit and started to probe. The coils are wired to +12 and to the collector on the tip152s; one for each coil. The signal on the base of the of the tip152 (TR11) wired to the non sparking coil was very weak when compaired with the signal on the other two, so I swap the driving transistors TR3 and TR4 with TR8 and TR7. Yay it worked! now the non-working coil was firing! but of course TR9 was failing.. So I need to order a replacements for TR4 and TR3. The problem is I can't seem to identify replacements

    Im guessing TR stands for transistor

    I attached two images one of the whole board and one of the two SOT-23's im trying to identify. But have not had much luck on google. Any assistance would be great.. Im pretty sure they are npn transistors but would like a second opinion

    TR4 - G6B (44?)
    TR5 - C6

    I got this info from another forum but am having problems finding a suitable replacements.

    G6B = BC817-25 (leaded BC337-25) and C6 =MMBA811C6 (leaded 2N5086)

    Any help would be great

    I goofed on the pic - shows TR5 and TR6 but they have the same code on them..

    Last edited: Jan 15, 2015
  2. shrtrnd


    Jan 15, 2010
    I can't see the pictures you posted.
    The info from your other forum apparently tells you that you can replace surface mount (?) devices with electrically equivalent leaded components.
    If they're the correct electrically equivalent devices, did that forum give any information concerning the installation of the leaded devices?
    The primary issue I'd be concerned with (if the suggested parts are equivalent), is physical stress on the replacement component connections due to vibration.
    I would think that if somebody was suggesting replacing original, possibly surface mount, components with leaded thru-hole components, they would have
    posted a picture of what they had done?
    That's my 2-cents worth. If you're asking for verification of the part numbers you have and were given, maybe someone else here can confirm that information for you.
  3. Luke James

    Luke James

    Jan 15, 2015
    Thanks shrtrnd,

    Yes im trying to confirm what TR6 and TR5 are and find suitable replacements.

    They are sot-23 with the codes of G6B and 6C on them

    I attached a pic IMG_0528_zoom.JPG
  4. shrtrnd


    Jan 15, 2010
    It's tough crossing a lot of the new surface mount devices. Many manufacturers (all different) use their own code for each device, instead of the standard JEDEC industry markings.
    There are probably others, but the only complete cross-reference I've seen on-line is put out by Philips. And the surface mount devices are often so small the manufacturers don't
    bother putting their company logo on them, so you don't know where to look for the proper cross-reference.
    Some guys on this site have been pretty good at identifying surface mount parts, so it was good to ask here.
    Since you don't have other responses (yet, anyway), I would assume nobody here can ID your particular part numbers on the components.
    If you get stuck after Google searches for others with your Triumph and similar question: can you see a manufacturer name or logo on the printed circuit board itself, to possibly contact
    the board manufacturer for informaton, or at least start a Google search on the printed circuit board itself, to see if you can get more information on those parts?
    You just KNOW, somebody out there as been in the same situation you're in. If they posted information on the internet about the issue, it's just a matter of finding-out what
    keyword they used, that will trigger Google to find it for you. Maybe it'll be the manufacturer of the board, if not the Triumph itself.
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