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Repairing damaged monitor cable.

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Anonymous Sender, May 4, 2004.

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  1. Hello, I have a viewsonic A75s monitor, the monitors cable that goes to
    the computer got stressed and this causes the monitor to turn green, this
    is on the computer end of the cable.

    I would like to cut just before the surge protector on the monitor side,
    then replace the connector.

    Can somebody mabe please point me the right direction, I'm not very
    knowledgable at reapairing electronics but I would like to try to
    fix this.

  2. Guest

    The 'surge protector' is a ferrite ring to help reduce interference.
    It's provides no protection.

    The job you're proposing is reasonable straight forward. I assume the
    connector is captive at the monitor end and this isn't a separate
    cable. You'll probably want to buy a new connector as trying to reuse
    the old connector will be frustrating.. You'd need a new cover anyway.

    Start by cutting only deep enough into the cable to peel back some of
    the jacket to see if the wires inside are color coded. If they are
    easy to identify, go ahead and cut all the way through. Then either
    use a meter or cut all the plastic off the old connector to determine
    which wire goes to which pin.

    If the wires are not easy to tell apart, only cut one wire at a time.
    Use the meter to figure out which pin that wire corresponds to, then
    solder/crimp it to the new pin. Then do the next, etc.

  3. Can somebody mabe please point me the right direction, I'm not very
    Oh yea.
    Ok, I can find that.
    Everything you said sounds easy enough, I should have this done
    soon, thanks.
  4. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    he wiers are color coded; transfer one wire at a time to same pin on
    new connector.
  5. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    I once had a monitor with the same problem - the damage to the
    cable was visible.

    I contacted the monitor manufacturer and ordered a whole new cable,
    for about $25.00. To me, it was worth it - I've soldered VGA connectors
    before, and it's a real PITA, especially if you don't have those
    little heat-shrink coax terminator thingies. Otherwise, just
    wire the new one the same as the old one. If it's molded, you can
    carve away the plastic with an X-acto knife to expose the contacts
    and look at the pinout.

    Good Luck!
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