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Repairing CRT coil

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Dani, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. Dani

    Dani Guest

    Unsolder the coil, if you can, but either way cover the coils
    windings with hot glue. It will stop the high pitch squealing.
  2. Mark Fortune

    Mark Fortune Guest


    I have a computer monitor with a high pitched noise eminating from it
    from time to time, which has been happening ever since the cat puked in
    it a few years back. I believe it's one of the scan coils since I opened
    it up the other day and noticed the copper wire was coming loose (ie
    wasnt tightly wound any more). I cant quite understand how cat vom could
    cause this since there's no residue on the coil itself - but perhaps it
    caused a voltage spike that displaced the coil? I'm guessing on that
    really and it's beside the point, the monitor worked after the vom dried
    up and has been working fine since apart from that irritating noise and
    flyback lines at the top of the screen from time to time - this might be
    the timing capacitor but I need to go shopping for parts to fix that,
    and oddly the lines are occuring less frequently since I fidled with the
    coil last.

    I am fairly certain that this is the cause of the noise as I did manage
    to tighten it a bit by pulling it tight and re-soldering the end, but it
    wasnt a complete fix. I am going to have a go at partly unwinding the
    coil at the weekend and winding it back up which should do the trick,
    but was thinking that applying some sort of adhesive would help it stay
    in place. Other newsgroup users have suggested a silicone sealant, and I
    noticed that I have some "hermetite instant gasket" left over from
    repairing my car. I am wondering if this would be suitable as it does
    describe itself as silicone rubber, but I thought i'd ask first to see
    if anyone else might know if this was a good idea or not. If it is, one
    final question... red or blue?
  3. JBT

    JBT Guest

    Try spraying the coil with lacquer / varnish.
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