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Repairing 21" monitor - worth it or not?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Apropos, Jul 29, 2006.

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  1. Apropos

    Apropos Guest

    I have a Gateway 21" monitor about 10 years old.

    It quit working. Were it a smaller monitor I would just toss it but being a
    nice 21" I would like to get SOME idea what it might cost to have this

    The problem is that there is no image at all. Everything else seems to work
    fine however. I hear the normal "" when the monitor is turned
    on but no image appears. I hear the normal "" when I press the
    de-gauss button. Connecting my laptop to it, it "sees" the monitor
    connected. However, despite whatever I've tried (including different
    cables) no image appears.

    I'm just trying to get a ROUGH idea what it might cost to fix this, to see
    if it's worth even seriously considering fixing.
  2. Could be a high-voltage problem or a horizontal output problem. If you are
    lucky, one new transistor will fix it.

    As to the worth of fixing it, it depends on what kinds of service shops are
    available to you. The repair cost would be around $90 - $130 if it is
    something simple like a horizontal output transistor. After 10 years, it is
    likely to quit on you again.

    My prediction: You will most likely replace it.
  3. If you can remove the back cover, see if there is an orange glow inside the
    neck of the picture tube. You may need to turn out the room lights to see
    this. If you can see it, then the problem may be as simple as bad solder
    joints on the socket on the circuit board that plugs into the back of the
    tube. This board usually has a metal shield soldered to it, making looking
    for bad solder joints a bit tougher. But this is a common problem.
  4. b

    b Guest

    often if a power supply detects an short or other problem on one of the
    outputs then it will shut down. This may be why the relay clicks. there
    could be a shorted vertical or horizontal problem.
    In a monitor this old,and judging by the symptoms you mention, the
    line output transformer may well be bad (recently I have seen several
    monitors of this vintage with bad LOPTXs) but before fearing the worst,
    try testing what the other posters have mentioned, resoldering etc.
    Also check the HOT for shorts, and with it removed connect a 100w
    bulb across c-e and plug in, see if you have B+.

    replacing the other parts, such as transistors etc. will not cost more
    than pence really if you do it yourself. Only the LOPTX is dearer,
    typical prices round here are between 20-60€ for a new one. I
    wouldn't bother with this if I was workign on a 10 yr old monitor

  5. judges123

    judges123 Guest

    Can You give the date of mfg. model Number and ,,,fcc number??
    Might have it in a database.
    Joe Smith
    Westpoint Monitor Repair
  6. Joel Kolstad

    Joel Kolstad Guest

    Nice used 21" monitors on eBay go for about the same price. On the other
    hand, brand spankin' new 1600x1200 20" LCDs are only $300 these days -- I'd go
    that route.
  7. Guest

    the only way to know the price is to get a free quote. Too many
    variables to predict. I'd avoid the freshly painted looking repair
    shops as they'll charge twice the price. This is one of the very few
    industries where going to the backstreets is better.

  8. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    You'd have to find one local though, shipping alone would be close to
    $100 these days for a well packed 21" CRT.
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