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REPAIRED: Zenith TV B25A10Z 9-2064 No Color

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Brad, May 25, 2004.

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  1. Brad

    Brad Guest


    Thanks to everyone who responded.

    I replaced the jungle IC, "ICX2200" TA1268N and that restored the
    color. I made an error in my previous message when I reported that
    the chroma signal input on pin 45 was well below the .8V P-P. Later, I
    noticed that the Chroma level setting on my Sencore "Color Circuit Analyzer"
    was turned down, not at the 100% position. At 100%, the level was .5V P-P.


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    Previous message:

    Update, More Information (9-2064, not 2065) Sams 4265:

    I found a schm. for a different model Zenth that has the TA1268N
    (56 pin) IF/Video Processor IC. The P-P chroma signal input on
    pin 45 is well below the .8V P-P on schm. I wicked out the pin to
    see if it is "pulling down" the signal. It isn't (no change). The crystal
    CR2201 is oscillating at 3.580.245 (around), not 3.579.454 using a
    network TV signal into tuner.

    The schematic, Profax 3202 from a service magazine, does NOT show
    the source for the chroma signal to pin 45 of ICX2200.

    Original message:

    I have a Zenith TV 9-2064 (mfg 1999) in my shop, no color, good
    B&W (I checked color setting). However, the menu is in color. This could
    have been caused by a power surge, but the customer isn't sure. I do not
    have schm. What is the most likely cause?
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