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repair Weller EC2001 soldering station

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jim Babcock, Mar 6, 2004.

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  1. Jim Babcock

    Jim Babcock Guest

    The controller has gone out on my station. The LED shows random numbers and
    the temperature does not control. The control board is a ceramic hybrid
    type. Can these be repaired, or should I just replace it? thanks
  2. We have had loads of problems with these at work. Usually the price
    of repairing them approaches over half the cost of replacing them.
    Those boards probably cost $80 or more, as we have checked on them
    several times. The only thing worth replacing on the station is the
    temperature sensor and the tip. Maybe someone else has a different
    idea on this................

  3. Jack_son

    Jack_son Guest

    Hi Mike & Jim,
    I didn't see this thread before posting a new EC2001 thread. How di
    you resolve your problem?

    My EC2001 bench unit has normal readout, but doesn't heat. The 28
    output and on-board regulator seem OK. Do you have a schematic? Jus
    voltage and resistance readings on the base, & EC1201A [or EC1201P
    would be very helpful. I may just have heater &/or temperature senso

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