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Repair on the Net

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by BillG., Dec 13, 2004.

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  1. BillG.

    BillG. Guest


    Don't know if you've tracked any net information re Electronic repair
    or tried to find schematics, etc. but I ran into the following website >
    that you may find of interest/fun.

    I ran into the newsgroup while looking for info
    about replacing a glow plug surface igniter in our range. On the Web I
    was able to identify the problem, a probable solution and the
    replacement part, but was also looking for words saying this is a simple
    task or not. (I still suspect it is simple, but physically challenging).

    I'm also proposing that I make a presentation to the CSCCCC on use of
    Google as the currently much preferred tool for finding almost anything
    on the web. This would not just be a session pointing out which buttons
    to push, but would include a brief tutorial on How it Works. A suggested
    title is

    "Google, The Parse That Researches" (Pun Intended)

    for Parsing Text as an outgrowth of Searching has been an important
    computer technique for 50+ years. The Internet Library is perhaps the
    first major database to be so tackled, and in a quite spectacular fashion.

    Since Google is a Web-Site and not a resident application program,
    there is no standard Windows HELP file. Instead Google must describe
    itself using other web pages. Proposed presentation will use
    Google to point to much more about Google, which cannot be done in a
    written piece. Sorry, Jack and Bill
  2. Guest

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Bill G:
    I am glad that you, like so many other do-it-yourselfers, found google
    and the newsgroup helpful in the successful
    repair of your stove igniter.
    Some burning questions I have are:
    Who is Harry ?
    Who or what is CSCCCC ?
    Who are Jack and Bill ? (the ones you said "sorry" to)
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