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Repair of Creative Labs DTT2500

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Dave Widgery, Aug 13, 2003.

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  1. Dave Widgery

    Dave Widgery Guest


    I am currently attempting to repair my Creative Labs Desktop Theatre
    amplifier, I am getting no output from the Subwoofer channel, if you run the
    speaker test this again provides white noise in turn on each channel but no
    output on the subwoofer. (Yes I have confirmed that the speaker is working

    Unlike the other 5 channels the subwoofer does have a line out, if I connect
    an amplifier and speaker to the subwoofer line output and run the speaker
    test I do get output on all 6 channels therefore I believe the decoder card
    is working correctly.

    I have dismantled the unit and checked all connections they visually appear
    to be ok, also the unit is on two PCB's a decoder pcb and the 6 channel
    amplifier pcb, the subwoofer line out is also on the amplifier pcb therefore
    the signal must be getting that far.

    If I touch the input pin of the subwoofer power amp IC I get the expected
    mains buzz, therefore I am fairly happy that the power amp chip is working.
    Therefore it must be in the preamp stage someware.

    I did try to obtain the circuit diagram from Creative but they said,
    "Unfortunately I cannot give you a circuit diagram of the amplifier. We
    don't supply this kind of information" which was polite but not very useful.

    Before I sit down at attempt to trace the circuit out I was wondering if
    anyone had already done this. Also each channel has an 8 pin IC marked 072D
    and JRC, I dont recognise JRC but I am wondering if it is a dual opamp like
    a TL072, from what I have traced of the circuit so far it does look

    Has anyone had any experience repairing one of these, or recognise the chip.


  2. Dave Widgery

    Dave Widgery Guest

    Just in case anyone was interested, I found a dry joint and it is now
    working fine.
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