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Remote Learning Key Fob for B&D garage Door from Jaycar

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by ocular, Jul 1, 2004.

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  1. ocular

    ocular Guest

    Needed an extra Key Fob for my B&D Garage Door. Bought LA8992 Learning
    Remote Key Fob Range 250-450MHz. The blurb about seems to say it works
    with some garage doors.

    The existing remote has freq 433.92 stamped on it.

    When I take the new fob thru its learning routine it seems to search for
    and lock into the existing frequency of the old remote. When I then go
    and use it in the garage door the LED flashes on the main controller of
    the garage door but the door does not activate and open.

    Is there something I need to do on the main controller to get it to
    recognise the new fob. Does anyone have any suggestions. If I can't get
    it to work then I have 7 days to take it back.
  2. Wayne Reid

    Wayne Reid Guest

    Others may help you with a direct answer to your question. I came up with an
    alternative solution for my Merlin opener. The range of the original remotes
    was never great and seemed to be reducing. I bought a Jaycar remote control
    RX unit with two mini TX key fobs. The RX unit was simply connected to the
    switch terminal on the Merlin opener controller, and the power was taken
    from a convenient 12v output that the Merlin also provided. This gave me two
    extra controllers with adequate range, and the old controllers still work as
    well. Under $100. Jaycar have a couple os suitable R/C units.

  3. I did the exact same thing, but with the oatley fobs. I thought I was
  4. ocular

    ocular Guest

    I got the Jaycar Fob to work, once it had learnt tthe code, I had to get
    to press a button on the receiver (main unit ) to get the fob

    Clever idea to install Tx/Rx combo across the main unit contacts.
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