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Remote Controlled DC Drive

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Clyde Gill, Apr 12, 2004.

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  1. Clyde Gill

    Clyde Gill Guest

    I have a small sideline project that I've been mulling around, but the
    more I get into it, the more I find out how little I know.

    I've been using a DC drive to run a pump, mainly to allow variable
    speed settings. But now I'd like to setup a radio remote control to
    do the same. Basically need to increase and decrease frequency and
    turn the unit on and off. A bonus would be to reverse the direction.

    Here's the rundown.

    The DC drive:

    From the manual, it looks as if the frequency can be changed simply by
    closing the circuit on one of the control terminals (labeled X1, X2,
    etc), well actually two terminals; one to increase and one to decrease
    frequency (functions 13 and 14 for E01-5 on page 5.2). Seems simple
    enough. On and off looks like it can be done with the FWD and REV

    The ideal style of remote I've found, simply because the transmitter
    size/shape would be convenient to carry around, is a remote keyless
    entry made for cars:

    But I'm not sure if I could get this to do what I'd like it to. Seems
    like I'd need to have a relay for each function (4) where each would
    simply open and close a circuit for the control terminals. The DC
    drive has a 24Vdc power source (terminal P24), which I'm assuming
    would need to be converted to 12Vdc for the remote's receiver!?

    Does this look like I'm on the right track?

    If so, what (types of) relays and converter would be best and where's
    the best place to purchase these?


    Clyde Gill
  2. GPG

    GPG Guest

  3. Clyde Gill

    Clyde Gill Guest

    What range? Keyless remotes don't have a great range.
    Range would be no more than about 55 ft., but would be handy if it
    could go around a corner. I can position it where it could be in a
    direct line from anywhere in the working area, but that would require
    re-routing the power source.

    Since my original post, I've figured out how to control frequency on
    the drive (ac actually, not dc as I first listed) by simply switching
    two different terminals on and off. Looks like the linearcorp
    receivers you posted will do that on their own... no relays needed.

    The only question remaining is how to keep a switch on. The circuit
    will be normally open, so that when a remote button is activated, the
    circuit is closed. But as near as I can tell, when the button is
    released, the circuit will open again. I need it to stay closed until
    the button is pressed again.
    Any ideas?


  4. GPG

    GPG Guest

    Range would be no more than about 55 ft., but would be handy if it
    Reading the specifications page, output toggle is an option. At 55ft
    you will be ok, they claim an unostructed range of 1500ft. The output
    appears to be open collector.
  5. Clyde Gill

    Clyde Gill Guest

    Reading the specifications page, output toggle is an option. At 55ft
    Can you define those terms for this novice? 'output toggle' and 'open

    I ordered the DR4 receiver and matching transmitter yesterday.
    Operation at some level looks very feasible at this point. I spent
    some time last night programming the functions on the drive. There's
    a setting for the X terminals that causes them to stay on once
    selected. I simply set 4 of the terminals to different frequency
    outputs including 0 for off. Slow, medium and high is plenty of a
    range for my purposes. Used a jumper to test the operation and it
    works pretty slick. Wish I'd have investigated this closer a couple
    years ago. I did look at it back then, but only found expensive radio
    control units..... $1,000 industrial kind. This rig cost around $100
    including a power transformer for the receiver.

    Thanx again for your help.

  6. GPG

    GPG Guest

    Toggle means that one press turns output on second press turns it off

    Open collector means that the output is a transistor like:

    .------o Output
    created by Andy´s ASCII-Circuit v1.24.140803 Beta
    Checking the specs will determine whether the units can be directly connected
  7. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    You don't need to design anything. Get it with the ethernet option,
    and use a wireless router set, at about 30-50 bucks.

    Of course, then you need the software, but from their website, it
    looks like they have a _LOT_ of stuff available right off the shelf.

    Have Fun!
  8. Bend the antenna slightly?
  9. Clyde Gill

    Clyde Gill Guest

    Not sure how much that ethernet connection is, but I'm also not
    picturing how I could use a setup like you describe. I'm working with
    wine in a cellar and need a compact remote to carry around. This was
    the major appeal of the first remote I was looking at: the key fob
    would be about ideal size/shape to keep on hand all the time. A
    laptop on ethernet would be a bit awkward if not overkill, or am I
    missing something here?

    Steelville, Missouri, USofA
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