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Remote controlled audio potentiometer (OT?)

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Maxy888, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. Maxy888

    Maxy888 Guest


    I would like to change the manual volume potentiometer of my integrated
    amplifier with a motor-driven potentiometer which must be infrared

    My question is simple...

    How do I do that?

    I've already chosen the potentiometer, what do I need now? A servo control?
    And what about the infrared control and reciever?

    Do you have any idea about some newsgroup I colud ask in?

    Thank You
  2. BobG

    BobG Guest

    I bet you can buy an IR volume control at smarthome.... just jack it
    into the tape monitor loop
  3. You need a IR transmitter, (and obviously, ) a receiver.
    Start by looking around here

    I only know of the domstic Alps type motorised vol. control. a servo
    one would need an extra track for feedback, so if you dont have this
    3rd track, servoing will be difficult.
    pansonic AFAICR do professional faders with motors, but probably
    difficult to get in small quantities


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  4. You can find the motorized pots at

    I have a couple of the first one, haven't used them for anything yet.
    They take about 8 seconds to go around fully, so they're designed for
    and ideal for "HiFi" equipment. Not so great for pro gear as I was
    hoping to modify them for (<250msec transit).
  5. Must you use a motor-driven pot? There are 'digital potentiometers' that
    can replace audio level controls and take up/down pushbutton inputs. All
    the brains already built in.

    It should be a simple matter to take an IR receiver, decode the up/down
    remote buttons with a simple pic and run a couple of these.

    There was an article in Circuit Celllar on using these in joysticks. The
    p/n for their digital pot was a Maxim DS1869. This might be a good place
    to start looking.
  6. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones Guest

    To a newcomer to microcontrollers, no PIC is simple.
  7. True. But unless someone has a ready-made solution for decoding IR
    remote control signals, a PIC will be needed. For this problem,
    something like a Basic Stamp will do nicely. There is probably some
    sample code for IR remote controls somewhere on the 'net reachable with

    Paul Hovnanian mailto:p
    100 buckets of bits on the bus
    100 buckets of bits
    You take one down,
    and short it to ground
    FF buckets of bits on the bus
  8. I have done remoted audio volume control using a dual gate MOSFET device in
    an amplitude modulator configuration. Very low noise, very simple to
    construct the stage and easy to configure remote controls of almost any
    The IR bit, if just for the volume control could be a simple pulsed device.
    If the IR transmitter gave long pulses for increase volume and short pulses
    for decrease volume the decoder could be a simple timer/charge-pump
    arrangement. Of course, if you need other functions from the remote then
    you need to look at the more complex IR decoder solutions that can resolve
    a multitude of functions.

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