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remote changing

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Matt H, Aug 2, 2005.

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  1. Matt H

    Matt H Guest

    hi all,
    a couple of nights ago i was at someones watching tv when teh
    channels changed automaticly which i thought was strange anyway i looked
    outside and saw someone over the road changing the channels with a remote my
    question is this is it possible that univeral remote can change the channels
    if they know the brand of tv or the people have made some kind of remote
    that can change tv remotes which its not a bad practical joke

    any information would be appreciated

  2. Some remotes are already pre-programmed with certain makes and models
    But considering that remotes are IR based, it is unlikely they would
    work from that sort of distance anyway. Some barely work in the same

    Dave :)
  3. mikegw

    mikegw Guest

    I would look in the room first. Did they have compact fluorescent globes?
    These can sometimes play havoc with remote control devices.

    Some people have made a device that spits out the 'off' command for most TVs
    one after another as a protest of TVs invading pubs.

  4. Matt H

    Matt H Guest

    hey mikegw,
    yea they have no compact fluorescent globes lights were
    not even on at the time either

    matt h
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