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remember the max038?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by apchar, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. apchar

    apchar Guest

    Maxim used to make a neat little 1 chip 20MHz waveform generator, the
    MAX038. But, as the twits at Maxim like to do, they stopped making
    them and the usual distributors don't carry them anymore. Googling
    doesn't help. I just get links to outfits like zdi or icplus that
    won't sell you less than $250 worth and only cater to businesses. Does
    anyone know where I can find a couple of these chips??
  2. Werty

    Werty Guest

    I agree , they are forcing us to ARM mcu's

    BUT gotta use more circuitry .
    I love the 038 , but now we must do it all

    with a ARM mcu , using DDS .

    Its a ROM , that is read into a DAC .

    It will do very hi freq .

    An old 4MB PCI Video Card is a way

    to make waveforms . Its DAC is very hi speed .

    BTW Im doin ARM mcu . Ill be writting
    s/w and a new Loader .
    Ill make it much easier to debug .
    I have many ARM EVB's and Game-boxes
    to hack the ARM mcu's inside .

    The most exciting is the $150 Nintendo DS Lite

    it has 2 ARMs , 2 LCD color , 2 ports ...

    I just bought a hack tool called a M3-Simply
    to load homebrew s/w to the DS lite .

    Next i'll hook a 2.5" HDD to slot-2 .
    Its easy , no glue , only wires and
    a free s/w , from WWW .
  3. Actually, some of us remember the Intersil 8038 that came out in the early
    seventies, and had something like a 1MHz upper limit. That's a long time ago.

    The Maxim version just added to that, the upper frequency limit and the
    lifespan of the basic concept.

  4. Guest

  5. Joel Kolstad

    Joel Kolstad Guest

    Yes, but a DDS normally lets you monkey around with phase and amplitude shifts
    in "real time" (i.e., it has a phase offset adder and an output multiplier),
    whereas doing this with a video card would require that *you* provide the
    hardware or software to do so. For completely fixed waveforms, I would agree
    that a video card can make a fine device if you already have a PC lying around
    anyway to drive it.

    If you don't like monolithic DDS ICs, a better approach is to just "roll our
    own" inside of an FPGA along with a discrete DAC. You won't get the speed as
    the fastest DDS ICs available, but it may still be fast enough for your needs.
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