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reltec lorain

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by matt, Feb 1, 2006.

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  1. matt

    matt Guest

    i recently came acrossed a lorain by reltec model number d84s841.dc-dc
    power supply. does anyone know anything about what use is and
    practitcal uses.i thought it for areonautical use.but i think i'am
    wrong anyway it was free.and i was hoping to incorperate into my
    shortwave giving me a better chance, at recieving more if
    you have sugestion or input please let me know. also such a great group
    for novice electronics buffs like myself have learn so much from this
    group thanks to all.

  2. robert cox

    robert cox

    Mar 7, 2010
    matt, you probably have solved your situation with the reltec product already. i was
    doing an intense search for anything concerning THE LORAIN PRODUCTS CORP.
    which became reltec in 1973, when i ran across your question. if you are a
    fantastic electrical engineer, you shouldnt have a problem finding an adaptive method
    for using it. but all lorain and reltec products were built for the telephone industry,
    espcially western electric, or the canadian bell companys, the pentagon, the white
    house, and other specialized designs. of course, the rectifiers are very likely
    universal, but hardly for home use. they were made in lorain ohio. my father was one
    of the original inventors along with the founder c.p.stocker, inventer of a post ww2
    ringing generator which revolutionized the way phone systems connected.
    this was a very special "family run" company in lorain, a small town, where they
    grew from zero dollars a year in 1949 to 73 million a year in 1972, when they were
    sold to reliance electric of cleveland. mr. stocker and my father died coincidentally
    in 1972, and the stocker family, as sole major stockholders, sold to the highest
    bidder immediately, and left town. it would make a great movie. the company was
    re-sold and torn apart many times since then, sadly so, it is now known as
    EMERSON NETWORK POWER (of north america) ENERGY SYSTEMS. and they
    are located at the original lorain corp.campus= 1122 F. street, lorain,ohio 44052.
    the lorain corp is also known (was) as an innovator of QUALITY CONTROL, in the
    telephone industry, and my father wrote the books on it in the early '50's and taught
    it industry wide. hope you werent too bored. good luck.
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