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Reliability of integral ballast CFLs

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by ITSME.ULTIMATE, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. Anyone have some information or experience with integral ballast CFLs
    (i.e. the kind you can buy at supermarkets and Home Depot) in larger
    scale installations?

    I have seen screw-in integral ballast CFLs used in commercial
    installation as well and anywhere a large number of them is installed
    should give some information on reliability.

    I have had quite a few CFLs fail earlier than regular light bulbs, but I
    have not had a single failure with an externally ballasted linear lamps.
    I'm sure some go out prematurely, but it has never happened to me and
    they have been way more reliable in my experience.

    Do screw-in CFLs present a substantially higher failure rate than a
    conventional fluorescent system in larger installations as well?
  2. The quality and life of screw-base CFLs will vary by brand.
    However, when a screw-base CFL is mounted base-up,
    especially inside a recessed fixture, the ballast is subject
    to temperatures far higher than those of almost any external
    ballast. High temperature will shorten the life of any
    electronic system. Therefore the ballasts in screw-base CFLs
    mounted base-up will generally have shorter life than
    properly designed and constructed external ballasts.

    In my opinion, if you have a large commercial installation,
    you should be using pin-base CFL's with high quality
    external ballasts. The fixtures made for pin-base CFLs have
    the proper optics for the CFL, while many screw-base CFLs
    are used in fixtures designed for incandescent lamps.

    Vic Roberts
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