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Relay voltage and amperage?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Daniel Morrow, Feb 3, 2006.

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  1. I have some relays that are rated generically at 10 amps, the coil is rated
    at 9 volts dc, what is the voltage and amperage of the switch (not the coil)
    or how can I find out? I want to switch a 120 volts ac load with it and
    around 5 or 6 amps at that voltage? Thanks good luck and later!
  2. 10A is the contact (the "switch") rating. What voltage that's at, and
    whether it's at AC or DC, is impossible to tell unless either it's marked on
    the relay or you happen to know the relay model number.

    Speaking broadly: if these relays weigh more than an ounce, they can
    probably handle 120VAC at 6A with no problem. If they're lighter, then it
  3. Most relay contacts are rated at AC. DC ratings are much lower, and if the load
    is inductive then it will be lower still because of arcing problems. We try to
    use a contact at 50% or less of its maximum rating where possible.

    In the case of DC switching which we do a lot of (we make battery chargers) we
    use two or more contacts in series to provide a multiple break path, use
    magnetics blowouts if available and put a varistor or other suppression device
    across the contacts.

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