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"refurbished" lamps?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by William Sommerwerck, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. The halogen fuser lamp in my HP 4M has apparently bit the dust. (I'll know for
    sure tomorrow when I do a continuity check.)

    I looked for replacements. Most companies won't reveal whether they're selling
    real HP parts, or third-party units (of unknown quality).

    The most-amusing site was the following. I leave it for readers to judge for

    "'We already know the answers -- we just haven't asked the right questions."
    -- Edwin Land
  2. The halogen fuser lamp in my HP 4M has apparently bit the
    They seem to go out around every 10 years. This is the second time it's
    And an RH7-4048 for 240V.
    The prices are all over the place. A genuine HP runs from $27 to over $60. I
    found non-HP lamps for $4.50 -- but they want $10 for shipping.
    Found several on eBay, from $25 to $40.

    I wasn't aware of the brittleness of the plastic. I'll look closely.
    Fortunately, I have the service manual, which makes things easier.

    Fingerprints on a halogen lamp are a no-no. When I replaced my slide
    projector's lamp, I cleaned it just to be safe.
    Looks mucho useful. Almost everything is on YouTube, isn't it?
    "Unfortunately", the 4- and 5-series LaserJets were made by Canon and are
    classics. Yes, it's slow on graphics, but I don't use it heavily enough to
    justify a new printer. Other than the toner cartridge and fuser lamp, it will
    probably outlive me. What would I buy of the same quality?
  3. junk descriptions like that means the part is a pull from a scrap pile
    from a bank or hospital.

    it's likely to not even work at all.
  4. If they are 'real' HP parts, I'd seriously doubt if they are newly
    manufactured. Re-manufactured, probably.

    I bought a fuser assy. from them a couple of years ago to repair my
    HP LJ III -- with no difficulty. Still grinding along -- albeit
    with low volume usage.

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