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Reflowing a BGA?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by mike, Jul 7, 2011.

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  1. mike

    mike Guest

    I bought a Thinkpad X31.
    Fails video memory test and the image looks like
    it's in 8-bit color mode.
    Pushing hard on the motherboard fixes the image.
    Lots of googling uncovers many people who've reflowed
    the nVidea BGA chip by means varying from oven to hot
    air to a blowtorch.
    The bad news about this one is that the video BGA
    and a RAM BGA are sitting on a carrier that's looks
    like it's made out of circuit board material and is also
    BGA'd to the mother board.

    I'm not optimistic about getting the heat thru the chips
    and the carrier to the motherboard without burning up something.

    The thing works well enough to surf the web or control stuff.
    I'd hate to brick it. Certainly not worth a replacement motherboard
    that has or will soon have the same problem.

    Anybody got experience reflowing this dual-stack kind of thing?

  2. mike

    mike Guest

    I discounted the ribbon cable because it fails video ram test
    and because it has the same problem at the VGA output connector on the back.
    Is there something I'm missing?
    I watched a bunch of videos, including that one.
    Difference is that they all have a BGA mounted directly to the main board.
    That intermediate carrier is the wild card. I don't know what to
    expect except that it's a thermal insulator and have nothing equivalent
    to practice on.
    I haven't taken it apart far enough to try to determine if the chip
    or the carrier is where the fault lies.
    I have three temperature controlled air guns. I've made air nozzles
    with baffles in the past...way rework gull-wing and J-leaded
    I've got zero experience with BGA and even less with two-layer stacks
    of BGA.

    I thought I'd build a hollow platform out of bricks and blast it from
    underneath with a power-controlled heat gun while I watched the pre-heat
    Then hit it from the top to reflow it. Sounds like reflow temp
    is about 260C. Any recommendations on what air temperature
    I oughta use to get there?

    You don't really need all the BGA nozzles as a small 3mm nozzle
    Thanks, I gotta go find some flux...
  3. mike

    mike Guest

    Flux turned out to be a much more difficult question than I thought.
    What flux do you recommend?
  4. mike

    mike Guest

    Thanks for the inputs.
    Trying different stuff sounds good on the surface, but I've only got one
    at this ;-)

    I find it annoying, although not unexpected, that the cost of a bottle
    of flux is 8X the cost of the laptop. Sigh...

  5. Smitty Two

    Smitty Two Guest

    As an electronic assembly house, I buy flux by the gallon. Find such an
    outfit in your area and I'd bet they'd give you an ounce or two for
    nothing. I would.
  6. mike

    mike Guest

    I buy computers when they're a buck and I think I can fix 'em up.
    I do it mostly for the challenge and to give me something to do.

    Price of flux isn't a "problem", it's an annoyance.
    Making your own is interesting. Wonder what my neighbor would say
    if he caught me gnawing on his pine tree?
    I happened by a parts store today, but they didn't have anything
    I thought would work.
    I'll just order some from ebay.
  7. mike

    mike Guest

    Thanks for the inputs.
    Flux arrived.
    I practiced on a TiVo board. Had to get the air temp over 350C to get
    enough heat to desolder a BGA.
    I then took a shot at the laptop.
    The intermediate board curled up on the corner when I heated it. I
    feared I'd lost connection on that corner. Probably shoulda dropped the
    temp cause of the thinner intermediate board.

    When I tried to run it, I got no video. My heart sank...
    I didn't think I needed to plug in the boards for wifi, firewire
    and modem, but I took a shot and reassembled the whole thing.

    Got any suggestions for a blower for a hot air gun.
    This Leister is a 600W element and temperature regulator
    at the end of a 10-foot air hose. They ran the power wire
    down the center of the air hose and it provides a lot of back pressure.
    It's designed to run off shop compressed air. My 3/4HP compressor
    won't supply as much flow as I like. I haven't found anything that
    can give me more volume against the back pressure. I even tried a 14"
    blower designed for blow-up advertising devices. No luck. Back pressure
    just stalls the impeller and the flow drops to nearly nothing.
    Can't really justify a bigger air compressor and a new circuit to run it
    for this.

    Does it make sense to put fans in series to get better flow under
    pressure? I gots lotsa fans.

  8. mike

    mike Guest

    Well, I asked you about this before.
    I used an IR thermometer to monitor the chip temperature and stopped
    heating when it got to 220C. I didn't time it, but it seemed like it took
    a long time to get there with 350C air temperature.

    When I practiced on the tivo, I tried air at 260C and could never get
    the chip over 150C. 350C worked nicely, but it didn't have the
    intermediate substrate.

    The thing is still working. Good enough for me.
    Consensus seems to be that uncontrolled reflowing is a temporary solution
    at best. Reballing and reworking with proper equipment is discussed
    as the only reliable solution.
    Remember, we're talking a dollar laptop. Not like it's the end of the world
    if it quits. I hate that darn eraser mouse, so probably won't use it
    anyway. I just like to fix stuff.
    I can part it out for more than it's worth.
    Labor 7 S
    I don't have the tiny nozzle, opening is about half an inch across.
    I built a 1/4" nozzle and experimented on the tivo board, but decided
    it was worse than the full opening.

    Rated 50-150 l/min at 500mbar static pressure.
    I set the regulator at around 10psi, no idea how accurate the gauge is.
    After about a minute, the tank pressure equalizes somewhere below 10psi
    and that's all the flow I get.

    It's designed for plastic welding with a small tip.

    That 10 foot hose really does restrict air flow when you use the whole
    When I dug up the spec, I found lotsa graphs of volume vs back pressure
    for fans.
    So, I've looked at this in detail back in 2005 and gave up.
  9. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    I had an NVidia 8500 that the gpu was BGA. I cooked it in the oven at
    450F for 5 minutes and it fixed the problem I was having, a system freeze
    hard lock. Internet suggestions were a BGA problem and the reflow or
    whatever the oven did fixed it. I thought solder melted higher than 450F
  10. Aliem

    Aliem Guest

  11. Aliem

    Aliem Guest

    Most commonly used solders melt in the temperature range of 360 to 370
    F. But depending upon the type of solder used, it may be a eutectic or
    non-eutectic solder (single melting point or multiple melting point
    alloy), so it may not even have any single melting point. Instead, as
    the different components of the non-eutectic solder alloy reach their
    melting point, the solder will form a slurry of the liquid
    lower-melting-point metal, with solid bits of the higher-melting-point
    metal in it.

    If the card was produced prior to ~2006, NVidia most likely used what
    most other electronics manufacturers used, the 63/37 Sn/Pb solder,
    with a melting point of about 362 F.

    If it was produced after ~2006, it most likely used Sn-Ag-Cu
    (Tin-Silver-Copper) solder, with a melting point of ~428 F.

    Here's a soldering tip if yer soldering to gold connectors... Sn (tin)
    at soldering temperatures dissolves gold. So if yer solder joints
    don't look shiny, and instead have a dull look, it might mean you had
    the heat on too long, causing some of the gold to dissolve into the

    We'll just chalk all this up as yet one more thing you have no clue
    about, hey.

    Fixed yer .sig to reflect yer reality.

    Yer welcome.


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  12. josephkk

    josephkk Guest

    Recently there was a thing about high volume low pressure air for paint
    guns. I bet you could find something surplus or yard sale for cheap.
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