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Reflow Oven

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Jacques St-Pierre, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Any suggestions for a small reflow oven for prototyping and small production

    I need something big enough for 12" x 12" panel and able to melt RoHS solder
    paste at good price?

    What's good, what's don't?


  2. Theres several peopple that have done this. I once found some others work
    online. The main problem, if I recall, is the getting the proper temperature
    curve. But from what I Remember the results were pretty impressive

    You'll need to find a way to position the ic's properly(use glue dots or
  3. Toaster ovens have very even heating. You want two though. One for
    the pre-heat ra,p up, and the reflow oven. You must transfer quickly
    between them.

    For real, pro gear, you need to do a requirements analysis where you
    decide what flux and cleaning process you want, etc. The cost is VERY
    HIGH, which is why a lot of folks use contract mfgrs these days. If you
    want cheap, then the toaster ovens are the way to go.
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