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Refillable Ink Cartridge for Epson Printer

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by gipix88, Jun 15, 2004.

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  1. gipix88

    gipix88 Guest

    MassInk Refillable Ink Cartridge for Epson Printer

    How to control the flow of ink without foam?

    Refillable Ink Cartridge. Big Savings on Inkjet Printing Costs! High
    Quality Ink! Fast Delivery! The regular cartridge have smog cases, our
    refillable cartridge have see through window. So you will never have
    to figure out how much ink you filled.Our Refillable Cartridge has a
    totally different structure and meterial used from a regular
    cartridge! The advantage of our new products is that it can hold large
    quantity of ink, and the printing will be in a fluent way, no leak as
    inside the cartridges without sponge, the quality is even better than
    the Origianl cartridges.

    Also we can offer you OEM ink cartridges, welcome the large demanded
    business friends to contact us, and wish to contribute to your
    business greatly.

    Watch our video for more details :

  2. **** Post for FREE via your newsreader at ****

    WOW 5MB movie!
    You need a faster server though.
    But anyways I have an Epson, so I want to see this (still waiting for download).
    So, now I have seen it, ever heard of DivX? or .mwv Compress that movie!
    It is only a few frames.
    panteltje:~/download/# avidump -i ecartridge_refill2.avi
    no audio track found
    [video]: 10.000 fps, codec=MP42, frames=1459, width=640, height=480
    So now I know how to do it too :)

    The following things need attention:
    Server speed
    Correct newsgroup to post to.
    Add OT: and ADD: before subject line
    I buy my cartridges at
    Anyways, was interesting.

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  3. Ben Bradley

    Ben Bradley Guest

    { most of spam deleted }
    Hmm, I'm on DSL, maybe I should look at it (a few times). I wonder
    what he pays for bandwidth.
    They're using Usenet as a free advertising medium, so they're
    probably not spendimg much (money or time) on anything else either.
    Tell me which newsgroup that is so I can ask my news server to
    REMOVE it.
    How about noting that is regustered in hong kong, the
    post was sent through Google with a free web-based email address -
    forget OT: and ADD:, just forward saying "please take appropriate
    action" to , , the domain
    registrar, the posting ISP at, and whoever else has the
    power to stop this entity from abusing Usenet. This post is
    unacceptable and there's nothing you can put in the subject line to
    make it so.
    I see a funny symbol before the prices. Do they ship to the USA? :)
  4. onestone

    onestone Guest

    Jan Panteltje wrote:

    Interesting, I checked out the site for cartridges for a Stylus Photo
    915. I recently paid AUS$29 for an original Epson T008 cartridge from my
    local computer shop. This equates to about £10.44 at current exchange
    rates. I can get them even cheaper from Target and K-mart, but they
    don't restock frequently enough.


  5. **** Post for FREE via your newsreader at ****

    Do not think so, no US flag to select on the page.
    But you could email them.
    So far I had exactly what I ordered, and fast.

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