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reduce jitter without PLL?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Simon, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. Simon

    Simon Guest


    I am an electrical engineering student and I am interested in circuit
    design. Unfortunety I am not so familiar with analog design. Therefore I
    want to place my question here in the newsgroup:

    Is there a method to reduce jitter without the use of PLL? Where can I find
    sophisticated circuits for this?

    Any help, hints and comments are highly appreciated.

    Greetings Simon
  2. Reduce jitter in what? A crystal oscillator, or something else?
  3. PeteS

    PeteS Guest

    and please don't multipost.

    I put a link to a good intro on the post on s.e.d. which *is*
    crossposted - proper crossposting means all interested parties can read
    all the replies.


  4. amdx

    amdx Guest

    You mean PLLs aren't used to introduce jitter? ;-)

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