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red haze on lcd projector only seen when black scene/image

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by granuja, Dec 2, 2005.

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  1. granuja

    granuja Guest


    I bought a second hand CTX Ezypro 550 LCD Projector.

    The colours on the screen are fine and project well. But there is a red
    haze in the centre of the screen when it's projecting a black image. It
    look's as if it's reflected onto the tft screen. But colours are fine
    when the screen isn't black.

    It's a faint red over the black.

    The setup of the LCD is as follows.

    Projector Lens -> fresnel screen (1)-> TFT screen-> fresnel screen(2)
    -> Mirror -> Light Diffuser (?) -> lamp -> Parabolic Mirror.

    After removing the first fresnel screen from the projector, the red
    haze is present. I've checked for cracks, and the chamber between TFT
    Screen and Mirror doesn't appear to have a crack. I also removed the
    parabolic mirror and still red haze is present.

    Could it be the LCD screen is playing up? or the fresnel screen(2)
    burnt up ???


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