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Recording Audio

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by ABLE1, Oct 14, 2004.

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  1. ABLE1

    ABLE1 Guest

    Hello All,

    I understand most of the details concerning giving notification before
    audible recordings of conversations. I also know that it depends on the
    state you live in and/or federal laws concerning the issue.

    However, I would like to read some opinions and comments on the following.

    Large visible signs posted on the outside of the building declaring that:


    Microphones would be placed at various location with a multi-channel
    recorder running inside the building.

    Basically, I am asking if anyone here has done this or knows something
    similar that has been done successfully or not. And what pitfalls that
    maybe lurking in the background ready to pounce.

    Thanks in advance for any respectful comment.

  2. jackcsg

    jackcsg Guest

    Sunoco (Sun Oil Co.) monitors and records audio in ALL their C stores.
    Exxon, Diamond Shamrock too, just to name a few I've worked in and around.
    The posting is critical, and I believe all employee's must sign
    acknowledgement as well. It does depend on the State as well, but from my
    experience, as long as it's used in crime prevention/intervention, and not
    malicious intent, Most Attourney Generals are understanding of the intent of
    it's use. Now Linda Tripp wasn't preventing or interviening with a crime,
    that's malice. Two party consent is required in most States. (that's why the
    decal gets posted)

  3. Bob Worthy

    Bob Worthy Guest

    Just recently, my customer and I were both warned by our respective
    attorneys that posting a sign is not enough regardless of opinions that
    signage is sufficient. If given a test upon walking into any store as to
    what they had posted in their window most people would not pass. It is to
    easily said that "I didn't see the sign". Posting a sign will not keep the
    lawsuits away. No matter what you do will not keep the lawsuits away and it
    usually means you defending your innosence rather than them proving your
    guilt. Are you the user of this equipment or the provider of the equipment?
    Not that is matters because everyone gets invited to the lawsuit picnic

    In my particular situation, the attorneys adviced us that a sign, multiple
    is better, was necessary, a plaque at each desk, and verbal statement saying
    "I think it best that this conversation be recorded", the client would than
    activate the recording device (in this case a button a each desk) and then
    again state "this conversation is being recorded for accuratcy". At this
    point the other person has the option of continueing the conversation or
    not. Both attorneys felt that this would be the most defendable. I realize
    this is not realistic for criminal activity and I don't do audio as a
    standard practice. I also had third party indemnification in the
    installation agreement and had the customer name me additional insured on
    his liability policy.

  4. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    It depends on the state first.
    Then it depends on what you are recording.

    For instance... for telephone calls specific rules apply such as
    prenotification or ongoing "beep" tones during the conversation.

    For a public place in general clear posting at ALL entrances tot he area,
    and notification of on-site personal should usually suffice. In non-public
    areas all bets are off.
  5. ABLE1

    ABLE1 Guest

    Thanks to all that have replied.

    Now on a technical note. I know that I can get a mic mixer but that would
    mean that multiple conversation would be on one channel. So it would be
    preferred to have each mic recorded separately.

    Does anyone know of a good multi-channel audio recorder for say 4 to 6 mic

    Thanks in advance.

  6. alarman

    alarman Guest

    ABLE1 wrote
    You might find something here:
  7. ABLE1

    ABLE1 Guest

    Already looked there but did not find a multi-channel recorder. Did find a
    6 mic mixer that give just one output to record. Would prefer that the
    mic's were recorded separately since multiple conversations can happen at
    the same time. It would be difficult to isolate each conversation.

    Any other thoughts?????
  8. G. Morgan

    G. Morgan Guest

    How about a DVR with audio inputs?


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  9. ABLE1

    ABLE1 Guest

    Doesn't a DVR only have one(1) audio input??? Or am I missing something???
  10. alarman

    alarman Guest

  11. ABLE1

    ABLE1 Guest

  12. G. Morgan

    G. Morgan Guest
    Some have four or eight, call your supplier.


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  13. ABLE1

    ABLE1 Guest

    Ok, that is something I didn't think about. I will look into that as well.
  14. rory

    rory Guest

    they differ, most well known brands in the US only have 1 input,
    though you can take the single output and you will get all audio mics
    into one. If you need them seperate then you would need to get a DVR
    with more than one input, just splice each wire into each audio input
    on the DVR.

    Louroe is ontop with basestations, though you dont neccassarily need a
    base station, you can also just join them all into one if you wanted
    say to listen to all in the audio input of a TV or CCTV monitor.

  15. ABLE1

    ABLE1 Guest

    Well the desire would be to have a channel per mic. If two conversations
    are going on at either end of the building they could both be captured
    independently. Otherwise, on a single channel you would have a very hard
    time understanding what was being said at either.


  16. Possitivly illegal in Pennsylvainia violates wiretap law.

    Nick Markowitz Jr.
    Markowitz Electic Protection
    Private Industry Fire Investigator.

    Contributing Editor Pa. Firemans Magazine
    Staff Editor
    Senior Correspondant
    Exclusive Correspondant
    Contract Broadcast Engineer WAVL 910 AM apollo Pa.

    "To error is human to realy foul things up requires a computer"
  17. ABLE1

    ABLE1 Guest


    I take it that you have had some experience with this issue in the state of
    PA. Would you care to elaborate?? All input welcome.


  18. ABLE1

    ABLE1 Guest

    Ok, I realize that this would be legal point for discussion in a court of
    law. However let us consider the primary reason for posting large signs and
    installing the required equipment would be NOT to record a utterance of any
    voice but only background noise. In other words to make an area of
    silence where those that were in the area were being advised by the signage
    to keep their lips sealed.

    I understand that this would be a fine line of interpretation of the law and
    may be on the losing side. And I also realize that nobody here is a lawyer
    or judge but I am only looking for some opinions.

    Again thanks in advance for the comments.

  19. I can tell you this much you would be on losing side in Pa.
    even our state police are not allowed to record voice on there cruiser
    cameras and Pa. was among last state to allow caller ID on phones. druggist
    down street from me was convicted of violating the wire tap law for having
    a linemens butt hooked set up to a pay phone even when he was trying to get
    the goods on some drug dealers.
    what makes things worse we are a commonweath.
    I can list you case after case were buisness owners have gotten in serious
    trouble with cameras and audio.
    Had one of my customers had a union grievence fled on him becuase cheapy
    cameras he bought had audio and arbitor demanded theybe shut off or labor
    complaint would go forward.

    Nick Markowitz Jr.
    Markowitz Electic Protection
    Private Industry Fire Investigator.

    Contributing Editor Pa. Firemans Magazine
    Staff Editor
    Senior Correspondant
    Exclusive Correspondant
    Contract Broadcast Engineer WAVL 910 AM apollo Pa.

    "To error is human to realy foul things up requires a computer"
  20. G. Morgan

    G. Morgan Guest

    A pharmacist? I could see why someone would get in trouble for
    tapping a pay phone.

    Let me ask you this... Are you violating law every time you are
    looking for a line to punch down on at the demark? I have stumbled
    across some pretty weird conversations accidently!


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