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Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Jon Hunter, Jan 27, 2004.

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  1. Jon Hunter

    Jon Hunter Guest


    I'm new to the group here (amazing what groups on are usenet). I work for
    a security company and as such was appointed to do some research.

    Right now we use all ademco products. For the higher end systems we've
    used the Vista-40 and a 6139 (alpha) keypad. But, we have a new customer
    that is looking for the top system. What I am thinking is:

    -More text display (not the 3-word 1 1/2 line display like the 6139)

    -More responsive (the 6139 always feels laggy)

    -Better zone expansion, i.e. support for more zones in the basic control
    without using polling loops.

    -GOOD wireless add-on (sorry, but even in my inexperience I felt the
    ademco system was junk, the keypad looks like leftovers from the 80s)

    -possibly programmable from computer (preferably via serial port, maybe
    even to where I could write software to program from linux)
    *on this note, is this available for ademco systems?

    Please note I am by no means an expert, just know what I've worked with
    and what I think needs improvement. Any recommendations, information, and
    maybe distributor recommendations, would be greatly appreciated!


  2. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    DMP! Enjoy the freedom.

    Warning: These controls may be too advanced for the average alarm company.
  3. dep_blueman

    dep_blueman Guest

  4. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    I've got one, its even nicer in person

  5. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    Three letters
    ITI or
    Ademco or
    Inovonics; they all work on DMP.
  6. Jackcsg wrote
    Well you use them, don't you?
  7. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    Yes I do. I'm far from average though. Wish you were here...

  8. Jackcsg wrote
    No, ya really don't.
  9. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    your right. I don't.


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